Any Tips ?

Hi ! So I made a video from the speech from Rocky Balboa and I was wondering if anyone has some tips for me because this is my first time posting a video in here and my first video that i made like this. Thanks !


  • I liked it!  That's a good speech. 

    My $0.02 -  You've got a flash frame at 0:11:15.  Not sure that was intentional but that signals the upcoming fade in of the earth crescent that immediately follows.  I would take out the flash frame.   But the fade in of the crescent is very nicely done.

    You've got another flash frame to nothing at 0:37:14.  I would fix that.

    The outgoing pic shifts during the  fade completion at about 39 sec.  I would let that pic keep panning to the end of the fade.

    Pretty long time in black at 1:12:00 to 1:21:00.  Might need another visual, but understand trying to maximize the impact of the text at 1:22:00.

    All in all very effective.  Nice work!

  • Thank You ! Will take note for next video

  • That was my favorite part in the movie. Nicely done.  I agree with everything Stargazer54 said with the  exception of too much black at 1:12 to 1:21 for me, it added tension and anticipation.

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