Bump / peak between Keyframes in Value Graph

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I have keyframed the Position of a 3D Effect, but in between the keyframes the value rose (randomly). Now I have some sort of bump in my animation.

This does not happen always, only at certain positions and values (I think).

I have tried it with smooth and constant keyframes, there is no big difference (except the line being smooth or not).

I uploaded a screenshot to dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n61qhm7dsjfov30/Bild_2017_12_09_16_03_58_681.png?dl=0

I hope somebody can help me,

Many Thanks in advance!


  • It's because X, Y and Z are all joined to each other instead of being separate, so it's possible to adjust one in such a way that has an unintended side effect on the others.

    Nothing you can do about it other than adjust the one you changed to smooth out the bump in the others by looking at the Value Graph.

  • Thanks for your answer, but as I only adjusted the Y-position and only the Y-graph has the problem, there can not be a problem with X and Z.

    Just to clarify, I had a perfect linear graph between to keyframes. Then I put a nother keyframe on the graph, so there should not be any difference in the graph. The value of the new keyframe stayed on the graph, but between it and the next keyframe there emerged a bump where there should have been a line.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am not a native speaker.

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    Well, that happens too. It's been noted before, but apparently can't be improved because: 'reasons'.  Or...might be because you've got smooth keyframes and inserting another one between them causes it to insert another arc. Best you can do is adjust things; play with keyframe types to correct it as much as you can.  Maybe add another keyframe to try and hold it in place.

    Another alternative is to try using a point and parenting to that. 

  • Thanks!

    I managed to solve the problem with layering to keyframes with the same value and the same position over each other.

    Now there is no space for a bump.

    But I still do not know what actually caused it.

    Problem fixed anyway! Thanks again!

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