• Nice. I did not think about or notice the text itself could be keyframed.
  • edited December 2017

    Why do you need to move forward one frame for the constant Keyframe to display the text and for it to not work on the keyframe it's applied to?

    That's not how they work everywhere else.

    Just tested it and if you create  a standard text layer and set Opacity to 0% at frame 0 and at 100% at frame 'n' using Constant keyframes, it appears at the frame with the second 100% keyframe. Same with position and every other use of a Constant Keyframe.

     Tagging @Ady as what you've demonstrated is a bug that'll hopefully get fixed in the next update.

  • Something else that might make this even easier for some is transcription sites like VoiceBase. SRT subtitle files are one of the default export options. We can't use an subtitle file directly but the text will already be separated with time stamps.

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