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  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the comments. I will try and answer some questions here.

    Firstly, when it comes to activation, this is strange and annoying - sorry there are some issues. @DanielGWood and I will do some more testing here to see if we can replicate the problem.

    "What is the camera icon with a refresh loop? Clear screen??"

    That icon resets the current camera view if you manage to misplace the camera.

    "It appears there is no editing involved yet? Cut tool inoperable."

    Yes, the editing tools are mainly still to come, but you can resize the clips on the timeline by grabbing their ends and also stretch the clips in the properties. Slicing and timeline stretching will be coming soon although I'm thinking I'll work on snapping first.

    "What are the icons beside the two-axis mouse/leap motion dropdown?"

    That is an excellent question. The one which looks like a target is a toggle which recenters recordings on to the middle of the scene. So if you were recording them away from the origin with the virtual 3D mouse (or Leap), they'd be moved to the centre when you finish recording.

    The other toggle normalises the size of what you record to the scale you set in the software preferences. So if you have that scale set to 10 (meters), it'll look at what you are recording, the outer bounds, and rescale to that size.

    "It appears all I can do is draw squiggly lines as in Josh's example. No targeted paths?"

    We're going to work on having targetting, banking and other methods inside the software soon and also the primitive object generation mention by @nealtucker above.

    Mouse input on Windows does actually appear to be far more jittery than the Mac - this is true of trackpads as well. In fact, on my HiDPI display, my PC mouse appears to always move 2 pixels at a time unless I change some settings. I have improved this issue by making sure I tick "Enhance pointer precision" under my "Advanced mouse options > Pointer Options".

    Hope this all helps :)

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    Josh, you've said "I'll" be working on stuff. Are you the actual coder, or are you directing the coding?

  • Hey Guys,

    For those of you with the Activation & Quit issue could you try the installer from the link I've posted below. After reproducing the error here in the office, we believe we have identified & corrected the issue. But it would really helpful if you could let us know the issue is fixed for yourselves also.

    If all is well for you, then we can look to update the current version, so your feedback would be a massive help & very much appreciated!


  • For anybody wanting to experiment with a Leap Motion controller this is a cheap way to get one.

    Clunky yes but cheap! According to Leap, the hardware hasn't changed since release so there shouldn't be compatibility problems.

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    The new installer solved the problem for me (WIN 10)


  • Great news @BobDiMarzio

    @Palacono - yeah, I'm programming this one. :)

  • @JoshDavisCeo when is the hitfilm pro  promo video coming out 

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    Yes. Solved. Also installer did no ill effects to the Mac version


  • I have created a couple of example videos using Action Pro. I don't have Leap Motion, so I am using only a mouse and a Wacom Tablet emulating a mouse.

    The first video is a "Spaceship" (represented by the Letter "A") chasing a particle stream. The Particle Stream takes its movement data directly from Action Pro, and the spaceship uses the "Follow" Behavior.

    In this second video, I have a shuttle landing on a platform. I used Action Pro to keyframe the shuttle's Y-Axis movement.

    I know that these are both relatively crude examples, but I think they demonstrate the real value of the Action Pro software. Enjoy!

  • I Just bought Action Pro. I have no problem when playing back something recorded with the mouse but It seems that I always get this message when trying to playback or load a leap motion recorded action:

    Drops failure

    Drop failed as we couldn't find enough room!

  • Anybody else with this problem?     :)

    Thank you for your help!

  • @Jfrog I just got a Leap Motion so I'll see sometime soon.

  • I would like support for samsung vr headset for action pro 


  • Action Pro is great but will it ever be embedded as an add-on into HF pro?

    I hope so as this would make it so much easier to use and understand being able to draw and track in the project window. 

  • "I just got a Leap Motion so I'll see sometime soon."

    Thanks Aladdin4d!  It still work with the leap motion, if you zoom it enough to see your recorded path but the error message is kind of annoying.   :)

  • I already posted this question on the wrong part of this forum but a nice member recommended to post the question here:

    "Is there any chance that Action Pro will be Occulus Rift compatible? HTC vive is a great option but many VR users like me has already bought the oculus rift and occulus touch ".

    Thank you!

  • The ability to open up action pro up again within hitfilm, if you want to edit your motion paths

  • Hello;

    I get the impression the graphics card on my Mac Mini isn't up to running Action Pro as all I get when it starts up is a PINK screen. Has this happened to anyone else?

    Mac mini (Late 2012) - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 - 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3Intel HD Graphics 4000:
    Chipset Model:    Intel HD Graphics 4000
    Type:    GPU
    Bus:    Built-In
    VRAM (Dynamic, Max):    1536 MB
    Vendor:    Intel (0x8086)
    Device ID:    0x0166
    Revision ID:    0x0009



  • @Jfrog I'm getting the same error with the Leap Motion but not all the time. Sometimes it all works. Sometimes I get the error but everything seems to still work. Sometimes I get the error but nothing appears to have been recorded and sometimes I don't get the error and nothing has been recorded.

  • If I may ask...what type of motion animations are you folks getting with the Leap Motion?

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    Posted in wishlist too, but:

    The ability to be able to cut'n'paste individual X,Y or Z Position Offsets, Rotations or Orientations from one field to another in HItfilm itself.

    While it's possible to record X and Y with a mouse and then copy one of them to Z inside Action Pro, it would also be useful to be able to do it in Hitfilm, without having to make a round trip back to Action Pro. 

  • If I am understanding you correctly, I think one way to do this would be to export each axis (X, Y, and Z) from Action Pro to its own separate composite shot (point) and then rig them together with each other in HitFilm. That way, you would have full control over each axis to be able to modify them however you like without affecting the other axes.

  • @Palacono potential difficulty there. As Ae compatibility is teased, this implies Action Pro uses slightly different 3D space from Hitfilm and does a conversion when exported. I could be wrong, just a guess. 

  • Aladdin....just bought the keyboard...I'll keep you in the loop  on how it works out....I have no experience with leap so this should be an experience 

  • @HitfilmSensei even if exported separately you can't move them about to different axes. The ability to Parent Pos/Ang X to Pos/Ang Y would fix, but massively complicate.

    I just want to be able to select a set of Xs in position, or rotation, copy them only, then select Y or Z in the target layer and paste the values there.

    It could also be combined with your separation suggestion, because then you could individually apply different amounts of Rate Stretch to each axis while parenting them in a chain to the layer you wanted to use them all on.

    So you could just have set of one wiggly X axis values; copy to Y and Z on different points, rate stretch them all individually and get..something wonderful or a complete mess. :)

    That's more about Hitfilm, it only occurred to me because of the having to copy axes around in Action Pro when you can only control 2 with a mouse.

    @Triem23 OK, but I was mainly concerned with what you'd do after you got it into Hitfilm. Being able to swap and scale axes about and split and combine them randomly etc. would be easier to do in Hitfilm than overloading Action Pro...and still missing them out of Hitfilm where they'd be useful. AE allows you to manipulate axes individually...

  • @Palacono I don't think I am clear on what you want to do. This is what I think you mean...

    What I would do is collect the data in Action Pro and then only export the X Data first to a Composite Shot with a Point and Free Camera. That point would only contain the X Data. Then I would export only the Y Data to a new Composite Shot with a new Point. I would do the same with the Z Data. Then I would have three different points with positional data only on one axis each. Then I would put all three of them into the same Composite Shot and Parent the Y Point to the X Point, the Z Point to the Y point, and a Final Position Point to the Z Point (Much like @Triem23's Camera Rig). I could then manipulate each axis separately and get any outcome I want in the final Position Point. Manipulating one axis point would not affect the other two axes, and I think that is what you want to be able to do, right?

  • @HitfilmSensei no, I want to Export X and apply it to Y or Z, then export Y and apply it to X or Z, or just export three different Xs from three different curves and apply them to X,Y and Z of either a single layer or multiple layers in any order I want.

  • @Palacono In Action Pro itself, you can drag a action capture on to any axis and then change which set of data points you want. I do it in this video...

    Go to about 2:10 minutes in.

  • @HitfilmSensei Yes, I know. Last para of my first post on this. I want to be able to do more than that and ultimately more in Hitfilm itself.

    So far I can replicate waving the mouse around on the X and Y axis in Action Pro by tracking a screen recording of a cursor writing 'Hello' and applying Missile Smoke to it in Express without using Action Pro at all. 

    Once you've drawn your curves in AP, I think using Hitfilm to manipulate them would be more versatile.

    Action Pro adds the ability to move one axis recording to another one and use more input devices; with direct control over Z as well, but I think it would also be beneficial to add some of this manipulation and more - rotational information cut'n'paste, which AP doesn't handle at all - to Hitfilm itself.  The alternative is hacking about in the Project file to cut'n'paste the data there, which is not very practical.

  • @Palacono I totally agree. Hopefully, Action Pro will continue to develop in that direction! This software is more about the potential than the reality at this point.

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