Audio suddenly not working in editor

 Hi all! I have a sudden problem. In my current project, the audio no longer works in the editor.

I was working on this project yesterday, and everything was fine. Then today I open it up, and the audio doesn't play in the editor. Even the meters aren't reading anything. None of the tracks are muted, and I've actually tried muting and unmuting them. None of the media files have errors, and all play without issue in the trimmer. Even in the composite editor the audio plays just fine. But in the main editor there is absolutely no sound. No meter reads. Nothing.

I've tried restarting Hitfilm. I tried resaving the project to a new file and opening that, but no luck. I've rebooted my computer. If I start a new project file and import the same media, they play audio without error. And all of my other projects are fine. The problem seems to be only in my current project. I'm thinking I must have accidentally hit some setting somewhere, but I can't figure it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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