Can I import my workspace settings from HFP 2017 to the new HFP?

I spent a fair amount of time setting up custom workspaces for my double screen system.  Is there any way to export them from HFP 2017 and import them into the new HFP?


  • Kind of. I'm still on the other side of the country from my computer, but, find the directory where Hitfilm stores custom Workspace files and copy from the 2017 folder to 2018.

    Alternatively You can do the really smart thing and check in Preferences the "save Workspace in Project" option. Then your custom workspace (at least the one active at the time) is saved in a project file and pops up when reloaded. This means you just open an old project in the new version and save the workspace. 

    I have a tutorial mostly finished on speeding up the Hitfilm workflow and migrating settings between versions. Sadly I didn't get it finished before leaving the country for five weeks, because I knew this was about to happen. 

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