External preview monitor with Blackmagic Intensity Pro


I have two "working monitors" connected to my video card and a 3rd preview monitor connected to my Blackmagic Intensity Pro. Can Hitfilm Pro (6) route to the Intensity Pro for external preview?



  •  Can anyone help re my post. What do other users do to preview on a 3rd monitor with HFP?

  • If you are able to drag another window to the third monitor from your desktop, you can possibly get on of the HF data windows over there.

    Right click in the title area the top the window you want to move (the bar will turn blue) and select Float Container.  Drag that to the other monitor and enlarge.

    You may be able to save your config (I don't know - I only have 2 monitors).  Click on the Icon that looks like a bunch of squares just left of Center at the top of the UI.  Click Create and save a name for your layout.  Hopefully when you close the session and go back in  the last setup should pop up by default.   If not, go to the custom setup you saved.

  • Hi Stargazer54 

    Unfortunately in the Windows display setting my 3rd  (preview) monitor  connected to my BM Intensity Pro does not show up, nor does it in HFP so unable to drag to my preview monitor. What HFP needs in its software (like most NLE's ) is the ability pick up monitors that are connected to other hardware like BM not just the main GPU, just like the NLE I use (Vegas Pro).

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