Total Action Pro newbie.......any support?

Well I think I may have stepped into the deep end on this one....I bought the software for animation, and I just realized there are no I am completely in the I am new to animation there any tutorial help out there on this thing yet.....I am just running around in the free space with aa red ball 


  • Oh, there are tons of YouTube tutorials. 

    I'll recommend my own Essential Hitfilm series:

    Essential Hitfilm:

    Of particular note is my three part, "How to Animate EVERYTHING!" 

    From there, check the Playlists section of the channel to find tutorials from over 20 creators (including the official Hitfilm channel). Depending on the creator you can find advise or many specific tools or creation of specific effects. Many (most) tutorials are for older versions than the current (which has only been out for a week), but Hitfilm only adds features, never removes. Any older tutorial is valid. There may be minor differences in the interface, or newer, easier methods available, but you'll find dozens of hours of tutorials compiled on my channel. Find the creators who work for you and subscribe. I recommend my own Hitfilm University, Hitfilm (official), Hitfilm Sensei, Red's Effects, Clever Tagline, Shiny Films, Colamanbs, Film Empire, Inscape Digital, and Digital Blast to start (most of these channels have regular content), and explore the others as well.

    Once you have more specific questions, bring them here. We'll help you out. 

  • @Triem23 I missed it at first too, but Jeremy has posted this in the Action Pro Beta forum, so they are likely looking for tutorials on that software.

    Only official tutorial out right now is this one:

  • @inScapeDigital oops. 

    Yeah, Action Pro is very brand new and seems to be FXHOME CEO's passion project moving forward as a new product. We'll all learn together. 

    Since Action Pro is a brand new product that launched last week I've edited your thread title for clarity to prevent others from the same error. I'll leave my previous post untouched because Action Pro integrates with Hitfilm and the above is still general ok advice. If not for Action Pro. 

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    @JeremyHazel Follow the demo tutorial that InscapeDigital posted. 

    Just draw something out with your mouse...twirls or something. Export that out to a composite shot (also in video).


    Then import that composite shot into Hitfilm. It will contain  a camera called Free and an animation#1 point. Attach something to that point...and it will follow the animation you created with Action Pro.

    There are a few examples here...

    ....and your right...after reading what I typed out above a tutorial is order.....maybe @HitfilmSensei could roast one up. I'll be out a week or so but I can do one when I return.

    Happy animating.

  • @GrayMotion I'm still out of state. I haven't even gotten to install Action Pro yet! Sensei might get to, but, at this early stage you may be the first guru! 

  • guys are the best......just bought it yesterday and so I am all over it this week....I will post what i create. Triem and guys are the reason I got into Hitfilm....Gray motion....thank you so much......away we go 

  • Just a reminder -  Action Pro is still considered to be in Beta.  I believe Josh's idea was that the "early adopters" would aid in development by providing feedback and perhaps generating a tutorial or two as uses for it are discovered.

    The information listed above is pretty much all there is on it at this point. 

  • Well then.... Just for the newbies (all)

  • @GrayMotion Nice video! Here is my stab at a beginner's tutorial...

  • Nice @HitfilmSensei -  I should have held do a great job...while I swing a sword recklessly :-)

  • @GrayMotion Actually, I really like your video. I saw at least a couple of things in there that I need to try! You should do a free form live stream just playing around with and showing different techniques regarding HitFilm. It would be a really great learning opportunity to see someone with your expertise just playing around!

  • Good stuff guys!

  • Wow, great stuff here guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to put these together. I'm currently doing a spot of spring cleaning on the code to make moving forward a little less taxing. There will likely be another update pretty soon.

    If the next update was to have one of the following in it which one would you pick?

    1. Export and import of recordings so you can make a catalogue of recordings to use in multiple projects.
    2. Exporting of rigged points - rather than a single point your animation is rigged and parented with one layer for each transform property.
    3. Simple exporting to Adobe After Effects .ma.
  • @JoshDaviesCEO My choices would be 2, 1, 3 in that order.

  • 1, 2, 3 in order for me.

  • @JoshDavisCeo 2,1,3 for my choices 

  • I haven't played with it yet, but it almost seems it has to be 1, 2, 3?

    I mean, saving and loading assets for reuse is the entire point, right? 

  • So it's decided then... Do all three! :)

  • Yes, all three please. :)

  • Back on this now guys, will keep you up-to-date!

  • @JoshDavisCeo I hope you had a Fantastic Holiday!!!


  • @Andersen01498 It was great thanks! But happy to be back :D

  • Is there going to be an Action Express?

    And how much does the beta version cost?

    And, would it only work if you had Hitfilm Pro, as opposed to Express?

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    I just purchased Action Pro yesterday and I'm wondering if I'm doing things correctly. Why, when I create the composite shot in Action Pro and bring it into HitFilm Pro, I get three points for the animation instead of one like in the above tutorials? Is that what's changed since the new update?

  • That has changed. Now, each point has separate data for the X, Y, and Z properties. That way you can work with each data set separately. This is tremendously advantageous. It is easy to put them all back together by parenting the points to each other in series.

    I hope this makes sense!

  • @FilmSensei - Yup, makes total sense. Thank you!

  • Thanks for the tutorials guys, very well done.  As the imaginary official representative of the Clueless Newbie Union Local #153, I hereby bestow high marks upon your instruction.   Also, kudos to the developers for making software simple enough to be explained so efficiently.

    I now get how the software works, and have some idea how it might be used.  Probably the next step in engaging this prospect would be a number of videos showing the software being used creatively by a variety of users.  I don't yet have a vision of how I personally might use the software, a necessary step in closing the sale.

  • Great feature for Hitfilm - will be interesting to see how it is developed. 

    }I have not had time to experiment so don't know if AP already  can do this but I see the need to be able to see interacting objects in AP in order to create suitable  rather than just random paths.

     Example might be - Throwing a dagger which you want to twirl through the air before it strikes its target. 

    So can paths can be modified in Hitfilm ?

    Maybe someone would like to try and create this scene as an exercise ? 



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