Converting Footage to Log Within HitFilm

Im sure most might read this and wonder why anyone want to do anything like this but I need to add some LUTs to footage I’ve shot but that footage was never shot in log to begin with.  In order to get the look I’m going for, and to use the LUTs I’ve found, I need my footage to be stripped back to a “log look”, if that’s even a thing.  Suggestions?


  • Hopefully it's 10 or 12 bjt? LOG footage is basically compressed to roll the highlights to about 75% and shadows to 25% to expand in post. This can be done with Levels or Curves, but, with 8-bit footage you risk introducing banding from compression then expansion. 

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    Sounds like you are using rec709 footage.  Many Lut packs include both Luts one  for use with rec709 and and another for use with Log.  

    This article will better explain the difference.


  • This might blow your mind. Pretty much anything I shoot is done with my iPhone 8 through FiLMiC Pro. I’m not loaded like most everybody else on the planet so I can afford what I would really like – one of the Canon D cameras. The 5D is too expensive and considering at the moment I’m only really a hobbyist, those other cameras are all just overkill.

    I know it’s possible to shoot in log with Filmic Pro and I don’t always remember to do that.  I really have no clue if anything that I shoot is in rec709 or even what bit I’m shooting in. I’m a pretty big novice at all this. But I do totally appreciate all the help you guys have given me since the beginning.

  • Okay, let me ask this.  How can I flatten my image for use with LUTs?  I know I'm doing this all backwards and I could just shoot myself for it.  I know its mostly saturation, brightness, and contrast.

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    There are several utility lut to convert from rec.709 to a log like color, although you'll not get a perfect result, download this pack and use the "Generic Rec.709 to LOG" lut

  • "roll the highlights to about 75% and shadows to 25% to expand in post. This can be done with Levels or Curves."

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