How to find font used in text object when the font is not installed?


using HitFilm pro 2017; I have loaded a project made on another PC with same version of HitFilm; this project has text objects that use font only installed in the other PC. On my PC those text objects have the font drop down set as empty, and the text obviously show up with the default font instead of the correct one.

Is there a way to know which font (at least the name) was used for these text objects other than opening the project on the original PC (because this is not always an option)?





  • Open the project file with a decent text editor like Notepad++, set word wrap and search for the text layer names. 

    The layer name comes after the font name. Here I left the layer as the default "New Text" and the font used on that layer is Magneto.  You can also search for font attributes like StrokeWidth or StrokeColor to get you close.

  • Awesome, I didn't know that the project was in XML format, so, I didn't even dare try opening it with a text editor.


    - Mario

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