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I was using the new Hitfilm Pro the other day and wanted to pencil in audio levels (Final Cut Pro 7 style...keyframe certain points and have it be at 0db then ramp it up to normal) is there a way to do this in Hitfilm Pro? I was able to make it work otherwise but this would be very helpful. Thanks!


  • Well I don't know if this is the most efficient way to do it, but what I do:

    Put the playhead at the spot where I want my first keyframe (time line editor). Select the audio clip specifically in the time line. Open the properties tab. Level will be there.. click the circle to the left to turn on key framing for the audio level. That will set the first keyframe. From there, just pull the playhead to the next frame you want to key and change the audio value. A new keyframe will be created. Rinse and repeat through the time line. 

  • Yes! Check out the HitFilm Essentials video on How To Edit Audio starting @ 15:50

    One thing I don't think @Triem23 mentions at that is you can also CTRL+Click the white bar to add keyframes without having to twirl open the Controls 

  • Thank you both for the help! I'll look into both options!

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