transformation not updating issue

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when i move a 3d object via the mouse or keyboard in the viewer window the position coordinates are not updating in the tranformation control panel.. the object moves on screen but the numbers do not change .....i have to click on the control panel position and change the number by either typing in or using the mouse to side left or right,  then when i use the mouse or keyboard the position coordinates update. Is this a bug in the new pro or am i doing something real stupid...i am new to 3d stuff in hitfilm


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    I just checked this.

    For me both in 3d and 3d unrolled the World Transform positions and the Model Transform position reflect changes when I drag on the point for those respective items.

    Seems to be working as expected.

    Edit:  I see what your getting at. You actually have to click the word Transform in Models for the numbers to reflect movement Although if you click the model layer itself the World Transform numbers seem to work as expected.

  • thank you for clearing that up for least i now know what to do first

  • Well it's not the way it should work. I'll do some more testing. 

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