A Couple Nube Questions...

Greetings VidGods,

Here's a few little things I've been bumping my head against, perhaps you have a solution...


1) Smoothing Keyframe Transitions 

Sometimes when I'm manually keyframing an animation my my edits introduce a lot of little jerky movements.  I've learned to manage this somewhat by eliminating unnecessary keyframes, and am now wondering what other techniques might be available to smooth out the action.  Links to relevant videos or discussion most welcome.


2) Pan And Zoom Viewer

I've learned that I can zoom in for a closer look in the Viewer using my mouse wheel, without disturbing the layout of the exported video.  But I can't seem to figure out how to pan around the video while zoomed in, without disturbing the layout of the exported video.  Suggestions?

(PS:  The custom workspace feature which allows me to send the viewer to a 2nd monitor is VERY helpful, and very easy to use, thanks!)


3) Project Settings - Video Size

Sometimes when I'm creating a new project and setting the size of the video, the number input fields where you indicate the size of the video simply refuse to accept more than 3 numbers.  I can't see any pattern to this, it seems to happen randomly. 


4) Tracking Boxes Missing

Say I have two layers, a top layer and a bottom layer.  I'll finish the video and proceed to do another video, using a new bottom layer but keeping the top layer from the first video.

When I try to track the new bottom layer the green and red tracking boxes never appear. 

I can fix this by starting over completely from scratch with a new file, but then I loose the top layer which I've already edited to taste.


The team here at Clueless Nube Productions is most grateful for any input you may be able to share!



  • 2. Pan around the video: try the hand tool in the Viewer or simply use the right button of the mouse (which automatically switches to hand tool for convenience).

  • 1. Try @Triem23 Hitfilm University series of videos on YouTube, he has a great one on key framing, that should help you out a lot.

    4. Sounds like you might be confusing composite working with editing. If you have a finished video (or composite) then unless you wish to work on it more, i.e it's not finished you just need to drag it into the Editor timeline. Then open your new video as a new composite and track that. I suspect the tracking is being hidden by the above layers. In a composite stack of layers at a basic understanding they are like looking through planes of glass, to the top one if black will only allow you to see black. If the top only has a black circle and the 2nd layer as a larger white square you will see the circle over the square. One thing to note is to ensure you set the blend mode of each layer (normally ADD or SCREEN). It does get more complicated with grades and 3D layers.

  • @CedricBonnier, thanks for panning tip, very easy.  I was trying to use the arrow thingy. 

    Andy001z, Triem's series a good reminder.  I wasn't ready for them when I first arrived here, but probably am now.  That'll keep me busy for awhile.

    I'm working only in composite so far.  I hear what you're saying about tracking boxes being hidden by higher layers.  But, hmm, I can see the layer I'm trying to track, so shouldn't I be able to see the tracking box as well?

    I'll work on it some more and try to ask a more precise question.


  • @PhilTanny 4. Make sure you have "Tracker" selected for the layer you want to track AND that the preview window is set to the "Layer" tab instead of "Viewer"


  • Also note that the mouse wheel zooms in centred around where the pointer is. So you can point at the bottom left, zoom in with the wheel, zoom out again with the wheel, move mouse to top right and zoom into there.  Same applies with CTRL-Mousewheel on Editor timeline.

    Viewer also zooms out from where the mouse is - which can be different to where you zoomed in, but that's less useful and usually means you need to drag the window back into the centre, or select 'Scale to Fit' which is frustratingly: still not on a key. :(

  • Thanks Palacono, my zooming is hereby upgraded.

    Hmm...  Tracking mystery remains.   Here's a blow by blow.

    VIDEO #1:  I'm in composite.  Two layers.  I track something in the bottom layer and then tell the top layer to follow the track.  All this works fine.

    VIDEO #2:  Now I want to make another vid.    So I delete bottom layer of first video, and replace with a new bottom layer.  I keep top layer from first video because I've already masked and edited it.

    Now I go to track something in the new bottom layer of 2nd video.  Track button creates a new track, but green and red tracking boxes do not appear.

    FIX #1:  To fix I try what Alladin suggested, which was, "Make sure you have "Tracker" selected for the layer you want to track AND that the preview window is set to the "Layer" tab instead of "Viewer".  Tracking boxes still missing.

    FIX #2:  Then I tried moving the top layer down below the bottom layer (making it the new bottom layer) to ensure it's not covering up anything.

    I can see the layer I want to track.  But I can't see the tracking boxes.

    As reported above, if I start fresh with a new file everything goes back to normal.  The downside here is that then I have to re-mask and edit the original top layer.  Not the end of the world, but I'm guessing that's not how it's supposed to work.

    This issue is that last obstacle holding me back from making a multi-million dollar record breaking box office smash hit starring Diane Lane in a skimpy outfit, so any thoughts you might have are most welcome.


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    I think I found the issue. It doesn't auto change to the selection tool when you create a new tracker or double click the tracker from the controls. If the Layer tab had a masking tool selected previously it keeps that with the tracker.

  • Also, if you've created a RAM preview, none of the manipulators will appear for any tool until you clear the preview.  Simply hiding and unhiding a layer will take care of this.

  • I've concluded it's a bug.

    1) It's either a bug in that it doesn't actually work, or...

    2) It's a bug in that it's too obscure to be defined as a finished interface, in regards to this one particular little thing.

    It's not that big a deal, it just means I need to create a new file and re-edit and re-edit color adjust the layer I want to use again. 

    Hmm...  Just thought of something else to try. 

    1) Dump all layers I'm done with.

    2) Keep the layer I want to use again.

    3) Save file, and close file.

    4) Re-open file.

    5) Import new layer and go to work.

    I'll try this and see what happens.

  • I should have known that the person with the best screen name would have the right answer.

    "If the Layer tab had a masking tool selected previously it keeps that with the tracker."

    PixlPants.  I didn't get your post at first, but now I see.   Will keep testing, and if you don't hear more whining that's what worked.  Thanks!

    Like I said, I found the bug, turns out it was sitting in this chair.  What a shocker!!

  • @CedricBonnier said, "Pan around the video: try the hand tool in the Viewer or simply use the right button of the mouse (which automatically switches to hand tool for convenience)."

    This simple feature is proving extremely useful, thanks for the tip.  Love the right mouse button thingy.  Not sure how I lived without panning the viewer.


  • Sony software: ..??

    I have a Sony FDR-X3000 action camera. I'm having some issues with Sony's software. If anyone has some work-arounds I'm all ears. I downloaded HandBrake software and that helps but I'd like to hear about other people's experiences with this camera and what they might be doing to get smoother use out of the thing.

  • Yep, I see now for sure, PixlPants had the answer.  So simple once you see it.  Thanks again.

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    @PhilTanny it's often a PEBCAK with Hitfilm, but the interface does need more 'position awareness'. If you are in Tab A, it shouldn't 'not work properly' because of some irrelevant setting in Tab B.

  • I hear ya. 

    Well, one great solution is this forum.  All my questions have been addressed successfully above, as they typically are.  So even if a particular issue is Hitfilm's fault, it's not a big deal once one knows what's going on and can work around it.


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