Making an actors showreel with rotoscoping

Dear Hitfilm users,

I am an actor/ filmmaker from the Netherlands. Currently I am using Hitfilm 4 Express, but I am thinking of upgrading.  One of my irritations is that I seldom get any actors footage from production companies  where I performed as an actor. So It's not easy to use video clips for my acting showreel 2018. I am thinking of using footage from movies and delete the main character with my own footage  using rotoscoping. I will not be posting my showreel on the public You tube Channel, because of any copyright infringements, but send the private link  to casting directors. My question is, are there any tutorials that I can use to delete an actor and replace it with my own footage.  I am familiar with Chroma keying/ Green screen techniques.  Thanks for any advice.

Harry Dzumhur


  • I doubt that's a good idea. You'd just be mimicking, not creating your own performance. And it would look weird.

  • What Inscape said. If you do this you'd need mocha to roto, but background patching is a pain. 

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    As Triem23 and inScapeDigital said... Try to do a remake if you want, but rotoscoping is not the best idea. Greenscreen perhaps? Put the background of the scene and reinterpret if you want.

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