Upgrade policy after the 'updates and support' period expires

How will upgrades work after the 'updates and support' period expires?

I'm very tempted to upgrade from my current version (Hitfilm Pro 4) but being a less regular user of the software, I need to know how upgrades will work in the future now that the licensing model has changed.

Here's the scenario:

  • I upgrade to the new Hitfilm Pro and get 1 year of updates and support.
  • After a year passes, I choose not to buy a further year of updates and support. I am able to continue to use Hitfilm Pro.
  • Time passes. I then want to renew my Hitfilm Pro license so that I can benefit from the latest updates etc.

My question is: Will I then have to pay the full price for Hitfilm Pro? Or will I continue to be able to upgrade at a discount (as is the case currently)?


  • I have this question as well! 

  • Good question.

  • "Time passes. I then want to renew my Hitfilm Pro license so that I can benefit from the latest updates etc.

    My question is: Will I then have to pay the full price for Hitfilm Pro? Or will I continue to be able to upgrade at a discount (as is the case currently)?"

    Nice. Yes...didn't even think about that...very good question.

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    Let's tag @KirstieT for clarification. I have a guess based on information I've been privy to, but am not certain I'm correct. 

  • Hey guys @efolve @ColinPROductions! Thanks for the question - it's an important one and sorry we haven't answered it elsewhere for you. 

    There will be an upgrade price for users who have previously owned HitFilm Pro + 12 months of updates, so that you are getting a much better deal than anyone who comes to the software for the first time. It is quite likely that around the time your 12 months have expired, you will also receive an email from us with a special price. 

    We do of course understand that people might not want to want to upgrade immediately, due to financial reasons - or because they know that they won't be using it for a few months. So we're making sure that our pricing model takes into account that break and doesn't penalise any of our upgraders for it. 

    Hope that makes sense? :)

  • Thanks, Kirstie. That's the answer I was hoping for.

    Other software companies out there with a similar licensing model - such as Cakewalk (makers of Sonar, the digital audio workstation), seem to think it's OK to force lapsed customers to pay the full price to get back on board. Well, that didn't work; I just checked their web page and there's a message saying their product is now dead.

    This issue is all about managing expectations. So whatever the policy is, it's important to make sure that everyone knows exactly what it is.

    In my own opinion, it would be fairest to make the upgrade discount a time-based thing. For example...

    • I would not expect much of a discount (if any) if I had not renewed my license in the previous 2 years.
    • A lapse of 1 year might entitle me to a defined percentage of a discount, perhaps 66% of the full price.
    • A lapse of only 3 months would entitle me to a better discount, perhaps 50% of the full price.

    If everyone knows what the policy is and what incentives there are for us to upgrade sooner rather than later, each user will be able to make rational choices.

  • Up until now, if you upgraded after several years (say you owned Hitfilm Pro 2 ) you would still only pay the upgrade price, and benefit from all the upgrades.

    Let's just be honest here -  it's not subscription- but it's definitely inferior to what existed before.

  • @luxgud Incorrect. Hitfilm 2017 had a lower upgrade price for users of Hitfilm 4 Pro than users of Hitfilm 3 Pro or 2 Ultimate. 

  • Lower price  because they removed ignite.




  • That's the general upgrade price of v6 vs 2017.

  • @luxgud Can you elaborate a bit? We feel that the new system is superior and fairer than the old one. Before, if you upgraded in September, you wouldn't get the new version released in November whereas now with the new system you would. This was creating a lot of frustration as these users didn't get the same value for money than people buying closer to the release date.

    It should now be a simpler message and be easier to understand. When you buy HitFilm Pro, you get 12 months of support and updates.

    Additionally, it should hopefully have the benefit of allowing us to release updates more often as we don't have to wait for the next major update in November to release a new feature. There won't be those weird months in August to October when we don't release anything because everyone is focusing on getting the next major version ready. Features and bug fixes will trickle your way as soon as they are ready.

  • With the old system you could upgrade, say, every two years and benefit from all the upgrades. Now, if you upgrade after two years, you will probably have to re-purchase a the full price.

    Am I understanding this correctly as no actual figure have been quoted ?

  • @luxgud while no specific figures have been given (impossible considering the price of the product may change) you are incorrect. A contiguous user would have the most discounted price, while a user who skips a year or two would receive a lesser discount, but still not pay full price. 

  • @luxgud well, nothing is set in stone yet as we have about 12 months to figure this out but I'm sure the marketing team will consider this.

    We want HitFilm to be affordable and driven by the users. People should buy because they want to, not because they are being forced to. Hopefully everyone can be happy with a system like that.

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  • @luxgud FXHOME has already refused multiple buyout attempts because of that exact reasoning.

    "FXHome has been the subject of more than a few buyout attempts from several of the world's biggest technology companies. Aside from providing software tools and plugins for Sony's own VFX products, the outfit has resisted all attempts to become part of a larger corporate machine. Many of the would-be suitors failed to appreciate Davies' feelings about creating a mass-market, low-cost product that, effectively, services his own inner child. He explains that as much as he could compromise his product in an attempt to extract every penny from wannabe filmmakers, he doesn't want to. The idea of FXHome turning into a corporate machine and HitFilm into a haven for microtransactions seems to fill him with dread. "Imagine if your sales team becomes your biggest team!" He pauses for another moment: "Sounds awful."

    How a 'Star Wars' nerd made VFX software for the rest of us

  •  Thanks for the link Alladin4d. Just go add to the comments above, what a company has as a model now can change tomorrow, next week or in a decade. The world changes and the market changes. We cannot expect anyone to commit to what will happen in future years, the best we can hope for is intent - and definitely at this price.

    Take for example Dell. If you want guaranteed support and availability of parts for five years after a model is discontinued, you pay for it by buying from the more expensive business ranges. 

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