Keyframe Copying

I want to copy a keyframes interpolation data to multiple value graphs so they have identical slope graphs. How can I do this?


  • DannyDevDannyDev Staff
    edited November 2017

    Have you tried the Paste Attributes feature?

    Select the layer containing the keyframes, then from the right click menu, choose Copy.

    Then select the other layers that you want to copy the keyframes too. From the right click menu choose Paste Attributes.

    Apologies, I missed the fact that you were using Express. The Paste Attributes features is only in the latest Pro release.

    There is a bug in HitFilm Pro 5 (2017) and Express 5 (2017) that prevents keyframe curves from being preserved when copied and pasted. This is fixed in HitFilm Pro 6.

    As a work around,I suggest duplicating the layers or comps containing the keyframe animation you want. The copies will have the original animation.

  • Note Danny Dev is talking about a new Pro feature. In Hitfilm Pro 2017 or earlier, or Hitfilm Express 2017 you won't have that option, in which case you can try copy/pasting keyframes directly. 

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