Film Riot competition 14/11/17

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Hitfilmers judgement day is upon us, it is now the time for Hitfilm VFX to shine. Etc etc ok to the point if you have not seen it check out a one week only competition to make the lads over at Film Riot laugh.

If u wanted to just do the basic lightening effect u can and Express gives the tools u need.

What is great about this competition is there are NO RULES, you can do anything, just use there footage and alter it how you like.!!


  • So, I downloaded the footage last evening and it has an audio track. At its very basic level all you need to do is spice it up with some VFX. Of course they will be looking for style/fun/ and knowing those boys something a bit off the wall.

  • Here is my submission. I only put two days of work into it, but they gave a week. I would love to see anyone else's entry. Post it here!

  • Nice @HitfilmSensei! I probably won't make it in time and have no chance in hell of winning anything. I'm roto 'n  the background out. What a chore! But helpful the more it goes along. Mocha does work pretty well :-)

  • @GrayMotion Thank you! Except for light sabers, I hate rotoscoping. I love rotoscoping light sabers, though! I look forward to seeing what everyone else is doing with this.

  • Hi all, well the weekend and came and went and yep I got ZERO time, I even considered doing just a single frame image with effects but nope, nadda nothing. CRAP.

  • I concur with the CRAP. Roto 'n in the time frame I had wasn't doable. To big a bite....... A few of the clips had a ton of movement. 

    FYI- I did see the @inScapeDigital got one done as well. 

  • Yep that was a great effort by @inscapedigital I only hope that Ryan and the team consider carefully there choices for winners and runner ups. It seems that the last competition the 1min story one they ran has had some back lash in the comments from people moaning that the winner seemed to be an already established unit rather than a fully indi production. The winner was great but I kind of agree the production levels appeared way beyond the average YouTuber filmmaker.

  • Way to get Hitfilm output in the results for the competition, he even liked your end edits so much he used them.

    Regarding my earlier comments re the negativity by some about the winning entries or as Ryan calls it "Saltyness". I think many including myself forgot that talent regardless of the tools can and will shine through. I think Ryan handled it very well.

  • @inScapeDigital congrats on getting the power of Hitfilm out 

  • Yes yes yes!  Congrats Javert!  Your effects are great as always, but I especially love the humorous approach you took to the ending.  Perfect music choice, and excellent comedic timing.

  •  glad you liked it!

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