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We’ve had a tough time keeping our poker faces in-check with this version, but this isn’t about us, this is about YOU and how your feedback and sense of community (all 1.8 million of you!) has driven this latest release to be the biggest it has ever been. Learn more >>


  • Holy heck in a handbasket! Based of the October build, I already considered this the most significant update since the initial release, but reading the blog post and seeing all the new features added in November that I had no idea about! 

    My jaw just hit the floor. I may be drooling a little. 

  • @Triem23 I know!!! It's like you know that top secret release you just used on project last week? Yeah that's ancient history now......

  • Ha ha :) Glad to see the excitement! We're all psyched to have HitFilm Pro, Ignite Pro, Action Pro and HitFilm Studio all finally released, so that we can see the community's reaction.

  • Oh my gosh!

    Oh my gosh!

    Oh my gosh!

    Oh my gosh!

    Oh my gosh!

    Infinite possibilities!!!! :)

    Oh my gosh!

  • Yeah, things just got serious (in the best way)!

  • Now we just need a "Like" button in the forum. ;) 

  • It's soooooooooo freakin' fast you guys! :)

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    Are the Boris effects only in Hitfilm Studio going forward? Title studio and such.

  • So let me get this right, I can upgrade to the New Pro but if I want the new Ignite Pro I have to upgrade that as a separate product - these are now separate products? And I can buy a Beta product? Perhaps this is just more honest than launching a product which should really be in beta test.

    Look, I know that HitFilm is great value, but I've had a really bad day at work so I'm going to moan whatever.


  • WOW!!! Y'all have really outdone yourselves! Action Pro Beta sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun and can't wait to give it a whirl! Incredible improvements and additions to HitFilm Pro too. I'm so glad FXhome exists and can't believe how in tune you are with your base. It's my hope you'll put all other compositing editors to shame!!! BRAVO!!!

  • NormanPCN - Boris is still included with HitFilm Pro (and also inside Studio).

    TimStannard - Sorry you've had a really bad day and can understand where you're coming from - but we did drop the price of Pro (the upgrade too) and Studio is great. :)

  • Congrats to the update.

    But still no layered exr support for aovs.  Which means very little interest from 3d/cg pros and studios.

    Maybe next year.

  • @chibi or, with the new goal of accelerated development, maybe in a few months. Remember, there are free third party tools to split a layered EXR into multiple single layers. No different from transcoding, really, so not as critical as you keep making it out to be. 

    In the meantime, this update seems to be a major overhaul of the core engine (custom encode/decode) to overall speed up performance. With that MAJOR task done it should be easier for the team to do more minor enhancements like, say, layered EXR import. 

    Don't get me wrong, I'd like direct layered EXR support, but getting off Quicktime is a bigger deal for more users. 

  • Fantastic guys!

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    Triem23  it is a big deal for a 3d or vfx studio.  That's why hf isn't used in 3d or pro vfx.
    Work with dozens of individual exr layer per shot in a show that could have hundreds of shots? That's insane.
    Do the math. A typical 3d render has several layers embedded in a single exr file besides the typical  color, diffuse, depth, etc.
    Maybe not a big deal for someone doing wedding videos or YT videos.

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  • Quick observations.

    I like the slick way that blur movement was incorporated into various movement transitions. Generalized, systemic and way better than a one trick pony.

    Really love the building block concept behind the behaviour feature. Take something complex and make it simple. We might still need some more behaviours like maybe swing (like a hanging sign) and bounce. 

  • Thanks everyone! :)

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