Windows 7 Support?

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Is Hitfilm Pro not working with win7 64bit?



    • Windows: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), Microsoft Windows 8 (64-bit)

    That means Windows 7 isn't officially supported.

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    what a pity.

    Just installed the Pro-Demo sucessfully on Win 7 64Bit.
    But now just the question remains if it is recommendable to buy Hitfilm Pro with a not supported OS?

    Will not change / upgrade to Win 10 any time soon as everything runs just fine.

  • I'm on windows 7 ultimate 64bit and HitFilm Pro  works. :)

  •  Great to hear!  So did you buy it or is it the demo?

    I just want to make sure that it isn't risky to buy HFP and use Win 7.
    Some words by the developers or staff would be great as I can imagine that there are more people around who also consider upgrading/buying in the same boat.

    Playing in the new Pro version seemed to cause no problems on 1st sight.
    I'm just a little unsure what would happen when working in larger projects.
    It would be not so good to invest and after all discovering that it's my fault having bought something which disclaims that it's not supporting my OS - so that the money would be wasted

    Had some starter problems with 2017 Express (which seem to be nearly completely eliminated), so therefore is chriguf's question a good one.
    Would have overseen this probably without it. 

  • spydurhank

    nice to hear, that win7 64bit ultimate works with hitfilm pro (6). at this case, i update from hitfilm-2017


  • Windows 7 is no longer officially supported by HitFilm Pro, as of version 6. This doesn't necessarily mean that HitFilm will not run under Windows 7, and in fact we don't know of anything specific that would cause problems with that OS. But this version of HitFilm has not been tested to ensure compatibility with Windows 7, and thus we cannot guarantee that everything will work as expected, nor can we offer support if problems do arise when running the software under that OS.

    We do fully support all versions of Windows released in the past 5 years, but as hardware and software get older, it is necessary that some products eventually get dropped from support, as we do not have the resources to maintain a range of hardware running such old systems and test the software thoroughly on them, along with our testing on a range of more modern systems. You can certainly try the free demo on Windows 7 if you like, and see how well it works for you. Just be aware that if you do purchase and you run into problems, it is not officially supported.

  • HFP works just fine in Windows 7 but I'm about to switch over to windows 10 pro... oh boy.

  • Ugh, I don't WANNA switch to Windows 10 with its inferior UX, privacy violations and tendencies to roll back drivers, but, I guess I have no choice. 

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    @spydurhank ; It will be more of shock coming from 7 than say 8 or 8.1 but aside from the Windows 10 "invisible" updates that can cause issues with Hitfilm (luckily it has never got me though) 10 seems to be pretty smooth and stable... 'from a certain point of view.'  Mine.  As I said, I have been extremely lucky comparatively speaking over some of the issues I have seen others having with 10 and Hitfilm

  • Windows 10 may roll back some user installed drivers on the major updates. MS installed drivers are always fair game. Anniversary, Creators and Fall creators being majors.

    This is because these major updates in W10 are actually a fresh Windows install and not an in place upgrade/update. A fresh install while copying over your installed apps and such.

    On a fresh install certain items, drivers and registry tweaks, that MS considers it "owns" are reset to their std setting(s). This often cleans up a lot of the crap people do to their machines that MS/Windows and where MS/Windows gets the blame. There are a lot of experts out there.

    It also cleans up the historic MS update habit of leaving droppings, and other changes behind after ages of in place updates. The CBS.log on my old Windows 7 install became *massive* after every OS update due to these "droppings" over the years.


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    I didn't have to reinstall any of my drivers, I have been using Windows 10 since I got access to the preview. Currently running the latest update. The only problem I've had that I at least noticed, was that it kept installing games I would never play, the mobile stuff.

  • Runnin' like a champ for me. :)

  • Fair enough.
    So then I will stay with Hitfilm Express 2017 this time.
    Still have a lot to learn + there's plenty of stuff - so be it.
    Thanks Axel!

  • I own all the pro versions of HitFilm pro and they all work in Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I've only tested the newest release of HitFilm Pro on windows 10 Pro and it works just fine I'm extremely happy to say. :)

  • Same here.  Running HF Ver. 6 (HF Pro) on Win 7 Ultimate with no issues.  I'm in no hurry to  go to Win 10.

  • I am also using HF6 on win 7.

    Personally, I never intend to go to windows 10. I have spent the last couple of years moving to using Linux more and more, and at this point HitFilm is the only reason I still have a windows partition at all.

  • I wonder what percentage of Hitfilm users are on Win10 vs Win7 and what the age of the average hardware is say GPU/CPU? Sounds like a survey is needed? @Evie_Williams

    I realise supporting multiple OS is costly but is there a risk of alienating a % of the community. Especially as official Microsoft support official ends for Win7 in 2020.


  • Just me but in a weird way, Windows 10 kinda reminds me of Linux which I've used before so it was really no big deal at all to switch over and could be why I like it.

    Again, all the HitFilm Pro release versions work fine in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit so don't worry that it won't work after purchase.

    Also, I've had no issues with any of my other software in Windows 10. HitFilm pro, Blender, Gimp, Krita, X-normal, everything just works. :)

  • @spydurhank as a win 7 pro 64bit user as well the concern that some might have is purchasing something that isn't supported on there current OS. A lot of indie film makers have legacy software and are often reluctant in my opinion to upgrade to a platform that might cause them issue.

    Also take the problems like the GPU driver issue of this year technically not a Hitfilm issue but still may result in official response of sorry not an supported OS.

    I am sure Josh and the team have thought long and hard about this so we will see what happens.

  •  win7 64bit ultimate works with hf-pro (6). 


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    This sounds like an unwise decision in light of the fact that Win7 is still the most widely used Windows OS and probably will be for some time, especially amongst the creative community.

    I was waiting for the latest Hitfilm release with a purchase in view, esp with the current offer, but I'm afraid the decision to drop Win7 support has changed my mind. 

    It's all very well reading anecdotal evidence of it working on users' systems right now but what would the response be if we contacted support with a problem 3 months from now after a driver update or OS patch while on a tight deadline? Sorry, can't help you? I wish Hitfilm and it's users all the best but I'm out sorry. 

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    @craftycurate You may be being a trifle hasty. And what's out there that's better? Hifilm works fine on Windows 7. At the moment. And Microsoft will have to pry Windows 7 out of my cold, dead hands before they drop support in 2020 and even then I'll still probably continue to use it. But I realise my PC is a relative dinosaur, so FXHome can't cater to my needs forever.

    Chances are that if I don't upgrade any hardware, it will continue to work just fine.

    I think FXHome is just trying to be sensible, in that there are lots of new GPUs  and CPUs coming out that: while they should work with Hitfilm, they are relying on those manufacturers to continue to supply W7 drivers for them. If they don't, then FXHome get it in the neck for something out of their control, such as a recent problem caused by some new NVidia cards and all versions of Dell's weird backup software.

    So all they can possibly say is something like: "We know it works now, we can't predict the future, but we know how it looks like it's going, so we need to draw a line here; or Win10 people suffer because we also have to deal with that utter nightmare of an operating system and there are only so many hours in the day." ;)

    Try the demo, if it works, then take regular backups before any updates, or keep it offline entirely - especially if doing paying work - and be able to roll back if there is a problem caused by Microsoft.  Or buy a Windows 10 machine?

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     And also because newer hardware don't work at all on a old OS like Windows 7 and 8, processors for example.

    At some point you'll be forced to upgrade due to compatibility issues if you value speed and performance. And I think that performance will scale better for Win10+ because that's what FXHome are programming for.

    I run Windows 10 with a Windows 7 shell, so it looks like 7. I think it's a good OS. And I also think that more people are using Win10 than Win7.

  • "widely used Windows OS and probably will be for some time, especially amongst the creative community."

    If Windows 7 is still the most widely used OS amongst creators, it won't be for very long. The 800 pound gorilla that hasn't really been talked about yet and @CNK just brought up, is the hardware support. Intel does not support Windows 7 for Kaby lake and beyond. AMD does not support Windows 7 for Ryzen and beyond. Microsoft does not support either one for Windows 7 or 8,1, actively blocking Kaby Lake and Ryzen systems from receiving updates and is ending Windows 7 extended support for Skylake years before it ends for everybody else. Samsung is dropping Win 7 support for its' M.2 SSD's. You can get one to work under Win 7 still, but you're blocked from any firmware or performance updates until you upgrade your OS. I don't know for sure, but I suspect that situation will be even worse for any Intel/Micron based SSD's. The lack of hardware support under Windows 7 is growing very rapidly.

    I get it. A lot of people don't like Windows 10 but at a certain point you have to call it a day and move on. I've been around long enough to hear "I hate Windows, Windows 3.0/3.1, 95, 98, 2000, XP, 7......I'm not changing" from all kinds of people, but in the end they all moved on. There's simply no way for a software company to provide support to users with system configurations that aren't supported by anybody else.

  • @CNK the fact that you need a shell to make it look like WIn7 speaks volumes for what a pain in the backside vanilla Win10 is. :(

  • Look, I liked Windows 98, Xp and 7. Every other version is a pain in my side, but things must (theoretically) improve and move on. OS death is a fact of computing, as is changing standards for software. If Hitfilm Pro is no longer officially supported on Windows 7, it's cool. It would happen by 2020 at the latest anyway. Heck, I've been surprised Hitfilm supports GPUs going back to 2009 that are, by current standards, worse than the assist built into the CPU. 

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    "the fact that you need a shell to make it look like WIn7 speaks volumes for what a pain in the backside vanilla Win10 is"

    @Palacono - It's something I could get used to, but I chose not to. It's not necessarily a bad UI, just not efficient for my use. At launch, Windows 10 looked like a Windows Phone, lol... ^^

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    @CNK A while back I had to help someone get their email client set up with Win10. To Hotmail. Easy, right? Part way through the "choose your email account type for a smooth migration" it decided it didn't like Hotmail and bombed out. Hotmail!

    Next time round it had removed Hotmail from the list of accounts you could choose and there was no "..or other". After 30 minutes or following this image...:

    I gave up and they now access Hotmail through their web browser instead. Don't care what I "should have done" to make it work. It's a fetid pile of dingo's kidneys.

  • @Palacono I hate to say it, but you way over thought that and made it a lot harder than it had to be. A Hotmail ID is a valid Windows ID. All you had to do is have them login into Windows with the Hotmail ID and *POOF* everything is automagically configured including email, OneDrive, backing up things like the Windows activation and key, etc etc. It's the equivalent of using a gmail ID on an Android device.

  •  Maybe it does that now, but a few years ago you went into mail, chose account and it did its stuff. Or it bailed part way through and pretended it had never heard of Hotmail..that was previously there before it choked because I chose it from the list... :) 

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