Behaviors. I see endless possibilities.

This is such a great alternative to scripting. I can't help getting ideas for new behaviors.

Behaviors that change the size of the layer, depending on f.inst. distance to another object.

Behaviors that change opacity of the layer.

Behaviors that react to audio. I would love to have this.

I would love to hear what ideas you have. 


  • Great ideas and thank you for starting this conversation. I look forward to hearing what Behavior effects everyone would like to see so that we can explore their development in the future!

  • @OliThompson the neat thing about Behaviors is it's such a Hitfilm approach to a problem. Why mess around keying in Javascript variables when you can drag, drop and twiddle a fader? 

  • I'm not against Behaviors, but I'm still in favor of HitFilm adding something similar to AE expressions.  You can essentially create your own behaviors if you know what you're doing.  It doesn't have to be just one or the other. Both solutions can exist, with users picking the one they want based on their experience, coding comfort level, etc.

  • @jsbarret I totally agree with that 

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    Some more behavior ideas

    The current model does define a motion vector. Throw.

    What do real objects like cars and planes do. They accelerate parallel to their motion vector. + accel => speed up. - accel => slow down.

    When a plane/car turns what is that? This is an acceleration perpendicular to the motion vector.

    So right now we have acceleration in some global/world coordinate space. These suggestions are object relative accel vectors.

    A common mograph move is a swing. This is just a rotation from an anchor. We have drag now and we would want the swing/rotate to be damped as well. The existing drag could possibly affect the rotation or the rotation behavior could have a damping factor. I can see that we could want separate movement "friction" and rotation "friction".

    A bounce is a more complicated but a simple one like what exists in the particle sim with deflectors could be good enough. Like dropping text/whatever onto a surface. Again, behavior already has a vector so the bounce reflection angle can be determined. Bounce would have a parameter to define the bounce energy.  100% being no loss of energy/velocity. So in a gravity acceleration field and less than 100% bounce energy would should get a natural'ish decay of energy such that the object just sits on the surface/plane.

    Then there is the possibility some kind of randomizer like wiggle. 

  • I agree that it would be great to have full scripting capabilities like in AE, but I think this is a great alternative for now. It's my guess that behaviors are easier to use for the non-coders out there and I'm pretty sure it's been a lot easier to implement than scripting would've been.

    I just hope FXHome will keep adding tons of behaviors. 

  • @jsbarrett @Andersen01498 oh, sure. There's still room for scripting, but 99% of scripts one sees in Ae tutorials is something that could be done with two keyframes or one Behavior. 

  • Plus the kinds of scripts I'd write if HitFilm supporting true scripting wouldn't necessarily be for expression-like things.  Coming from a Maya background, I'd be more inclined to write custom tools/features/utilities.

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    Adding to of my favorite animation and simulation effect EVER. Huge fan. Yes, I'm lazy and hate key framing.

    Basic Motion - align to, fade in/out, grow/shrink, motion path, move, point at, snap alignment to motion, spin and of course...throw

    Camera -  dolly, focus, framing, sweep, zoom in/out, zoom layer

    Replicator - sequence replicator

    Simulation - drag, drift attract to, drift attractor, edge collision, gravity, orbit around, random motion, repel, repel from, spring, vortex, wind

    Text animation/sequences - sequence text, type on, scroll, continuous, energetic, glow, subtle


    fades , feathers , holds, peaks, pops, loop, pulls, ramps, randomize, repeals, reverses. rotates, scales, scrambles, streches, tilts, tracks, type ons/off, writes on/off, slides

    Sure, some of this is already built into Hitfilm but as OP said....endless 

    Edit-- and of your own ;-)

  • +1 all that

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