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When working on a composite shot or going straight to editing a timeline I've come across Antialised & Full options in the upper right hand corner of the preview window. Initially I was told in this YouTube video, that if animated text appears blurry, to change the setting from Full to Antialiased. Although after clicking the question mark for the reference manual the wording here under Quality has me a bit confused. So which will produce a clearer, sharper export for text & video? "full resolution with anti-aliasing for smooth edges" or "maximum quality claimed by Full?

Antialiased: Renders at full resolution with anti-aliasing for smooth edges. The antialiasing method can be adjusted on the project screen.

Full/Half/Quarter: Renders at specific resolutions. Lower resolutions increase performance. Note that this only affects the rendering in the Viewer, and final exports will always be at maximum quality.


  • First Anti-aliased is always full resolution. It simply additionally enables anti-aliasing on text and 3D models.

    Exports are always anti-aliased. Everything is always on/enabled when you export.

  • @MikeSoda ; To amplify. Yes, as NormanPCN says those settings only apply to the Preview window and can really help the lags in the preview when checking out your timing and such when you have a lot of stuff going on in a clip by lowering to half or one quarter but it'll still render at top quality.

  •  @NormanPNC & tddavis: Thank you both, I'll probably just leave at full since that's what it usually defaults to but might try a different setting if my content ever gets so advanced that lag becomes an issue.

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