Projects aren't autosaving

I''ve been working on a 1 hour project for the last 3 hours, had it nearly done, and HitFilm Express 2017 crashed. Hitfilm detected that there was an unsaved project when I reopened it, so I accepted the prompt, and the folder it opened was empty. Then I went File>Options>Autosave and looked at the path provided, which is not the one Hitfilm opened when I accepted the prompt. So, I went to that location on my drive and the autosave wasn't there either. Any tips? I'm feeling discouraged from even editing again today because I'm worried this will happen again.


  • @DClark747 ; I believe that when a crash happens and it detects an unsaved project it is asking for you to give it a name so it will save into that empty folder.  If you close that process down without giving it a name it's gone gone!  There may be a way to make it detect the unsaved project a second time but I have never run across it, but I am no expert with Hitfilm by even a remote definition so wait until others can give further comment.

  • @tddavis FFFFFF. I've just read the same thing on another thread, I suppose I should've read the prompt a bit more clearly. Hopefully there's some way to retrieve it somehow

  • @DClark747 ; You might contact support (sorry I don't have the link available that others give out) but they won't be in the office until tomorrow I suspect.  So I would guess 9 am GMT??  Doesn't hurt to go ahead and have a message waiting on them though.

  •  @tddavis I found the link, thanks. I've sent a message to support and hopefully they'll be able to assist me. I suppose for now I'll just get into the grind and start editing again.

  • Unfortunately @tddavis is correct, once you dismiss the save dialog, it deletes the auto saved project, sorry.

    We have in our internal backlog a task to improve this and make it harder to get into this situation but we haven't got round to doing it yet.

    Sorry about the inconvenience...

  • My suggestion: don't ask the user where to save an unsaved project if one is found.  Just force-save it to someplace very convenient (like the Desktop), and alert the user with a dialog to the location.  They can move/copy it wherever they want from there, but at least it's saved.

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