Grade (or Adjustment) Layer in the editor?!


I have been evaluating Hitfilm Pro for some time in order to find out if I can switch from Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am happy to report that that performance i greatly improved in the last version when editing 4k footage from my Panasonic G80/G85!

It however appears that it is still not possible to make color adjustments yet for a full movie? I.e. like an adjustment layer in Premiere Pro.

This would be very convenient in order to try out and apply different looks for a full movie!

Any thoughts on including this functionality?



  • Sorry, as far as I know, you can only have grade layers in comp shots- just copy the effects over by selecting all the clips at once 

  • Grade layers for an entire movie don't tend to work all that well... but it might just be Premiere; it handles color... not all that well.

    You CAN achieve professional grade results with it, but it is quite a bit easier in HitFilm. The main down side to using HitFilm for color grading as compared to a color grade suite like Mistika or Baselight or the far more affordable Resolve is features like galleries, groups, versions and that sort of thing that facilitate color grading. HitFilm's core color gading tools are very good, and so is its color engine (Premiere doesn't compare). 

    What HitFilm DOES have though that does help a great deal is a presets feature. The cine style looks are great also.


  • Thanks for the comments! I still think it is important to have adjustment/grade layers, or nested clips in the editor in order to adjust effect settings for multiple clips (or a full movie) in one place!


  • I DO think it would be a useful feature!


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