Issues with HitFilm Pro Version 6

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Hello everyone!

I am having some issues with HitFilm Pro Version 6, and I was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues. Here they are in no particular order...

  1. Using F2 to rename an object doesn't work if you are in text writing mode. You can get it to work by going to select mode.
  2. Ram preview does not work after adding a camera.
  3. Typing in a number for time property and hitting enter doesn't enter.
  4. Attaching a behavior to a point doesn't actually affect the point, just what is parented to the point.
  5. I am having problems exporting as well.


  • @HitfilmSensei I have run into problem #3, especially if I try to type 30 for 30 seconds it gives me 1:05

  • @Anderson01498 I can see how that would happen. I think you are suppose to type something like 30.0 for 30 seconds. You are probably typing 30 frames, which at 24 frames per second would put you around 1:05 seconds.

  • @HitfilmSensei is your Hitfilm crashing at random times?

  • Yes it is, and I am having a lot of other issues with Version 6 as well.

  • I can concur with the rename (F2) when the text tool is selected but I don't have the other issues you listed.

  • You can't delete anything when in text mode either. Select mode corrects that.

    Would be nice if it was either:

    1) better at being aware of where the mouse was when you did something so it could apply a valid action, or

    2) beeped or something to warn you it thought you were doing something "wrong".

  • There seems to be something odd going on with the "Rotate by layer" behaviour...

    -I have a point layer rotating at constant speed. All good.

    - I have a cartoon image of a propeller, with the "rotate by layer" behaviour added, rotating by the point layer. All good.

    -By adjusting the rotation amount, I can easily control the rotation speed of the propeller. All good.


    -If I keyframe the rotation amount, say from 10% down to 0%, then the propeller slows down, stops, then reverses direction and speeds up again until it abruptly stops when it reaches the 0% keyframe


    Is this supposed to happen? If so, can someone please explain why? Because this makes no sense to me

  • @JMcAllister I thought something very like that was also unexpected and reported it as a bug, so let's see.

  • Going to chime back in here. I'm now experience several crashes on a specific project experimenting with the reflection mode on 3D models. Out of the bakers dozen I was only able to send one report. 

  • An odd (but not particularly important) one... after uninstalling, the uninstaller opens a browser window and sends me to the HitFilm reference manual. 

    Seems an odd behaviour to me...

  • @HitfilmSensei can you elaborate a bit on #3 please?

    @JMcAllister I think the keyframe for behaviour issue is working as intended but I'll ask on Monday. The page opening when uninstalling is probably because of a missing redirect on the website, we'll fix this on Monday.

    For the crashes, it would be good to know what you guys were doing at the time so we can investigate and fix this.

  • @CedricBonnier - I noticed that the crashes I'm currently having comes soon after or just as I split the views. I have left everything stock as for the resolution settings under Options.

  • A really annoying thing in the new version, is that there are no scroll-bar in the Controls panel.

  •  @CineGobs the scroll bar is hidden in the controls timeline now, I don't like it either

  • All of the above has been logged internally and will be looked at.

    @JMcAllister What you described is a bug, thanks for raising it.

  • Puppet Warp is not working properly. When you paste a PNG, anything that goes beyond the frame of the image is cut off.

  • @assensy

    Also happens when you add a glow and it goes past the edge, it just cuts off... Kinda annoying. Try creating a comp with the picture and then adding the puppet tool to the comp...

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    @assensy That feels like normal behavior from what I've seen, and applies to all layer types, not just PNGs.  You'll need to scale your PNG so that it fits inside the frame before adding the Puppet effect.  When building the deformable mesh, Puppet looks at the alpha of the layer at the time you apply the effect.  This isn't the alpha of the full original source, but is essentially a "baked" alpha based on what you can actually see of that source inside the comp frame.  So if your comp is 1920x1080, it doesn't matter that your PNG is 4000x4000.  Puppet builds the mesh based on what's visible inside the 1920x1080 comp, then projects the image onto that mesh.  That's why the mesh doesn't extend beyond the boundaries of the view, and anything not in view gets cut off.

    EDIT: nixxed misleading advice based on misinterpreting the problem.

  • @jsbarret ;Yes, but the procedure is cumbersome. Conveniently would be if there is automatic or manual inflation of the bitmap.

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    @assensy Not sure what's cumbersome about scaling a layer, especially with some of the new features that have been added to comps.  Right-click on the layer, choose Transform, then select one of the "Fit to Frame" options.  No manual fiddling with Scale values required to find the exact amount needed.

    EDIT: nixxed misleading advice based on misinterpreting the problem.

  • I have discovered a new issue after rendering this Friday's HitFilm Sensei Video. The video is 8:55 minutes. It looks good until 4:56 minutes, when it starts quickly flashing on and off. It continues flash through the end of the video.

  • @HitfilmSensei which preset did you use?

  • @CedricBonnier YouTube 1080p HD. The whole render took about 20 minutes. I went off and did some other things while it was going. The screen goes to sleep after 15 minutes. Is it possible that could be a factor? I have never had this happen before. I am re-rendering it again, but now I am watching it much more closely.

  • I have rendered it again (23 minutes), but now the whole video is flashing. Very interesting.

  • I restarted my computer and then re-rendered one more time. It only took 12:25 minutes this time, and the flashing didn't start until 6:04 into the 8:55 minute video. So there you go.

  • @jsbarrett ;Increasing the layer size is not a solution to the cropping problem. It will increase the whole bitmap, not extend only its boundaries.

  • @assensy normally @jsbarrett gives amazing advice, but I think he led you astray this time. 

    In Hitfilm the original boundaries of a media clip, whether an image file, generated plane or video clip, or composite shot represent the absolute edge of that bit of media. Scaling the media doesn't move that edge relative to the pixels in that media.

    Think of it like a sheet of paper with a drawing on it. You can't warp the image outside of its edge because you run out of paper and have nothing to draw on. 

    So, you have to basically transfer your existing image to a new, and bigger, sheet of paper. 

    You can either take the PNG into a photo editor and increase the "canvas size"  (NOT the "image size") to create more space, or, in Hitfilm you can place the image into its own Composite Shot, larger than the original image, then drag this Composite Shot into the Composite Shot you are animating in (nesting, or stacking Composite Shots inside Composite Shots is a vital compositing technique. In Hitfilm we call it embedding. In After Effects they call it precomposing or precomping). Either way, you've created the "larger paper" to have room to puppet warp your image. 

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    @Triem23 ;My bad.  I misinterpreted what @assensy was saying.  It sounded to me like he/she brought a PNG image into a comp, and that PNG was larger than the comp dimensions, so some parts of it were out of view -- beyond the edge of the comp borders -- before applying the Puppet effect, which I assumed was trimming off the unseen portions.  My suggestion was to scale the layer smaller (not larger), thinking that keeping everything visible would prevent things from being trimmed by Puppet.

    On that note, a couple more quick tests prove that my assumption of this trimming behavior was also wrong.  If a Puppet mesh is generated for a layer, it's built for the entire layer, whether it's fully visible inside the comp dimensions or not. (Off to amend my earlier comment...)

    You somehow read what I could not and got that the puppet was being used to move the character beyond its original layer borders, which does indeed cut off the content, requiring an expansion of the playing field in some form or other.

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    Having performance issues when creating scenes using models.

    -Crashes are frequent when using 2 or more viewing panes (top, right, front, left, bottom)

    -Performance is very very very slow compared to HF Pro 3, 4 and 2017. Several "hangs" of HF not responding but does not crash. Without lights the hangs do not occur. Add lights and performance goes down the tubes.

    Note- Using 4k material textures and 3 light setups. Reboots do not help. When motion blur is applied screen redraws can take up to 3 minutes and rendering at say a Youtube preset is almost tripled in time. For example- 5sec. air shot with motion blur now takes upward of 4 hours to render. This is up almost 1000 percent increase

    The particular models/materials being used are from the Jetstrike package which I've used in the past without issue.

    I have plenty of "horse power" under the hood (i7 6700 4.0 GHz, Nvidia 1070, 64gb memory).

    Anyone else having these type of problems?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    @jsbarrett well, the screen shot told the tale. :) I expect this question to come up a lot in the next months, so, when you do your puppet warp video, add in a little discussion of clipping windows (media boundaries). Feel free to steal my paper metaphor if it works for you.  You'll likely get to yours before I do puppet warp. Essential Hitfilm still finishes cameras, has an animation addendum for Behaviors, then lighting, layer materials, text, tracking and masking/roto before it gets to Pro-only stuff, and models, particles and projection are first... 

    Hitfilm has a hell of a lot of features, and, annoyingly, some existing Essential Hitfilm  tutorials are now technically obsolete... Really obsolete when the next major revision of Express is released. 

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