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Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to create a list of resources which explain the differences between Hitfilm Pro and Hitfilm Express?

Personally, I'd be particularly interested in docs or videos which translate pro talk in to newbie talk.  As example, a typical experience for me is that a video product sales page will say, "With our product you can do XYZ!", which sounds great, except that, um, I have no idea what XYZ is.

So in this thread the rules are, the Hitfilm sales team doesn't need to be reserved and dignified.  Go for broke, blast us with the no holding back sales pitch.  But, maybe try to translate power nerd talk in to free user newbie talk where possible.

As example, what is a video anyway???  That part always confuses me.  :-)



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    The problem with that is it would take a long time to list all the things they are capable of, especially the differences. In a lot of cases, you will find that some things are easier to create in Pro, but not necessarily limited to Pro, it just takes longer to create in Express. That doesn't mean particle effects are available in Express, but I hope you understand my point.

    I find their documentation very good. There are awesome YouTube tutorials out there outlining each step for that videos particular effect.

  • Hi CNK,

    Well, yes, sales is a lot of work. 

    Please note I'm not making any kind of complaint or pressing any kind of demand.  I'm very happy with Express just as it is, and I don't even have the latest version.

    But presumably the point of giving me Express for free is that I someday upgrade to Pro.  I'm just reporting that I don't currently understand the argument for upgrading.  Perhaps such a presentation already exists and I just haven't found it, that could of course very well be the case.

    Honestly, I probably won't upgrade right now whatever the argument for doing so might be.  So I don't want anybody to waste much time on me personally. 

    I'm just inviting the Hitfilm Gods to make their case, should it interest them to do so.  I've specifically asked to be sold, so it won't be spam or anything like that to provide the hard sell in return.

  • Maybe this can help. Express 2017 vs Pro 2017. Of course, everything new in Hitfilm 6 is not in Express 2017.

  • Thanks Norman.  Ok, what I'm learning is that I don't know enough yet to engage in these comparisons.  No problem, will keep listening and learning and my understanding will grow over time.

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    @PhilTanny When your minds eye vision comes up with some idea that "this" is what I want and you don't know how to accomplish that, you ask here. When the answers start coming back you need certain expansion pack(s) or you need Pro, then that is your sign about some kind of an upgrade in needed. Pack or Pro.

     I saw somebody in the Vegas forum show something of Hitfilm 3 Express. Cool, so I got HF3 express. I played a bit and realized that for 10 bucks the starter pack was a great deal. Got that. Then later in this forum I saw someone show something using the particle simulator (wormhole, time vortex) and I was, yup, that is what I want and went Pro.

  • I hear ya Norm, yea, that makes sense.   I probably should spend more time watching the portfolios of other users to get a better idea of what is possible.  And then I could ask, how did you do that?

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