HF Pro Viewer Blurrred


before sorry for my bad english


this is my problem, my trimmer view is clear, but my VIEWER is blurred. how can i fix this problem ?? ( i never get this problem on hitfilm ultimate )





  • Check your Options (top right corner of the screen).  

    There are separate options for Playback and Paused.   Your playback quality/resolution may be on lower settings, which will give better speed but lower quality.

    Try different settings until you find one that works good for you.


    Hope this helps.

  • @afromanga

    It's what @MikeLyons said. In the new Hitfilm Pro, they've added some new settings for the viewer so that the playback is faster. You can change it by going to the options dropdown in the top right corner.

    Hope this helps, Jamie - Film Empire

  • @afromanga @Film_Empire So, for instance, you might have Paused Resolution at Full and Playback at Half, if your composite shot is fairly heavy and causes it to play a little jerkily at Full, but you want to be able to see the detail as you add things when Paused.

    You could RAM Preview too, but note that it will take its resolution setting from Paused, not Playback, so if you only RAM preview a segment it will go Half, Full, Half as the playhead moves over the RAM Preview bit.

    Personally I think this is bass-ackwards, but no one else seems to agree. :)

  •  Hello everyboby

    thanks for your Answers, That helped me

  • @Palacono "Personally I think this is bass-ackwards, but no one else seems to agree."

    I think it is a large mouth bass.  That and scrubbing uses Paused as well. I think it/they should be a preference. The user is always King.

  • @NormanPCN Well, I live in hope. ;)

  • @NormanPCN @Palacono it's in the list, but not a priority right now.

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