Composite Shot - Previewing Fonts

Is there a keyboard shortcut for going down the list of all fonts and seeing the results in real time?

Using the mouse is...rather tedious.


  • For drop-down options in Express 2017, Windows users have an advantage.  If you click any drop-down menu, make a choice.  Now use the cursor up/down keys to shuffle through the list.  This feature was not added to the Mac version of Express 2017 (and I'm guessing Pro as well, but I don't have Pro 2017 to verify), but it's in the newest version of Pro that was just released.

  • Grrr...

    Thanks for responding, but this makes choosing a font for a title card a bit more difficult.

  • What platform are you on?  If you're on a Mac, I recommend using the built-in Font Book tool.  You can type custom text, then scroll through fonts with the cursor keys to see how your text looks in all installed fonts.  I use it all the time, and it's very handy.  It's possible a similar tool exists for Windows.

  • I feel your pain.  A year ago, I used Word to printout every font I had installed.  I keep the 4 page printout handy.  I find it easy to narrow down the type of font I'm looking for.

  • You might want to try a font manager. There are a lot more out there other than what's on that list too. A lot of them have the ability to share uninstalled fonts in way that other applications can use them. Unfortunately that doesn't work with HitFilm but at least you can still view and choose fonts in a better way and install or uninstall with just a click.

  • Thanks everyone. I didn't even really know about font book on osx, and it seems this is the best way to go.

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