Is there a way

Is there a way to buy the studio package without buying hitfilm ignite 


  • @Andersen01498 It depends what you currently own and what you want to get. When you buy HitFilm Studio you get: HitFilm Pro + Ignite Pro + Action Pro with 12 months of updates for each of those.

    If you are not interested in Ignite Pro nor Action Pro then you can get just HitFilm Pro.

    If you want Action Pro as well as HitFilm then as far as I can tell, Studio is cheaper than buying HitFilm Pro and Action Pro separately so you might as well buy Studio. You will have access to Ignite as well if you would like to use it in the future.

    There is no way to get HitFilm Studio without some of the software from it. It is a bundle designed for people wanting to get all of our video software for a cheaper price.

  • Note that this new bundling is already a direct response to people who wanted Hitfilm Pro without Ignite to begin with. 

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    One question (maybe not to far from original question), because for me as owner of Hitfilm Pro 2017 (which contain all Ignite Pro 2017 plugins) is not clear why I must buy/upgrade Ignite plugins if I want upgrade  to Studio.

    If user use only Hitfilm products for filmmaking/compositing, he isn´t interested to buy Ignite plugins when have the same in Hitfilm build-in?Those same users pay more and get 2 same products in Studio bundle...

    For last years was clearly written Ignite plugins included in Hitfilm. This year I try to find some info, but didn´t found. Now I don´t know if I want to upgrade Hitfilm only, need to buy upgrade to latest Hitfilm and also Ignite plugins if I want to continue use them in latest Hitfilm release or only need to buy upgrade to latest Hitfilm ? (which has (or hasn´t?) Ignite latest plugins included)

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    As discussed in today's  Live Stream, HitFilm Pro does not contain Ignite Pro. For HitFilm Pro 2017 (last year) we did include Ignite, and the price went up accordingly. We've effectively reversed the decision this year, because the user feedback is that people want the option to buy HitFilm Pro for a cheaper price without Ignite Pro.

    The HitFilm Studio bundle is a new product comprising both HitFilm Pro and Ignite Pro, plus our exciting new product Action Pro. If you want both or all three, it's the cheapest way to go about it (particularly right now in the Thanksgiving sale!).

    Bear in mind that you only need Ignite if you use a third party editor/VFX software, for example After Effects (You can find a full list of which platforms we do/don't support on the Ignite Pro features page). If you are only using HitFilm, you do not need Ignite - everything that is in Ignite is in HitFilm Pro.

    Finally, consider that if you do buy an upgrade, we won't stop you using your old software. You can carry on using Ignite Pro 2017 and anything else in your account for as long as your computer supports it.

  • @DanielGWood kudos to you for answering user questions at midnight. That's dedicated Staff. 

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    Thanks for answer Daniel,


    "...As discussed in today's  Live Stream, HitFilm Pro does not contain Ignite Pro... " 

    "...If you are only using HitFilm, you do not need Ignite - everything that is in Ignite is in HitFilm Pro..."


    So, as owner Hitfilm Pro 2017 and Ignite Pro 2017  when upgrade only to Hitfilm Pro v6, I get all new functions of Hitfilm Pro v.6 with all Ignite Pro 2017 plugins included?  Ofcourse without new Ignite Pro v.2 content/effects...

    Naming of different versions (Hitfilm or Ignite) can be little bit confusing from version to version, but from quoted words I think (if understood correctly), Hitfilm Pro v.6 contain all Ignite Pro 2017 plugins except Ignite Pro v.2 additions, correct ? 

    Addittions are ment all things about 360, puppet,clone,text,block displacement,dot matrix and pixel sort effects.

  • I think we're on the same page, but I'll reiterate to be sure.

    • Ignite Pro contains over 180 effects plugins for use in third-party software (After Effects, Premiere Pro, Sony Catalyst, Vegas Pro etc).
    • HitFilm Pro doesn't use Ignite Pro (it will actively ignore the plugins), because they're all already in it. Everything in Ignite Pro (including the new stuff in Ignite Pro "6"), is in HitFilm Pro. So for example the Puppet tool is in HitFilm Pro and Ignite Pro.
  • Congratulations! The upgrade look amazing!  

    I also own HitFilm Pro 2017.  I am glad to learn that all new plugins  are part of the new HitFilm Pro upgrade and that the Ignitor Pro upgrade is only necessary when working with third-party software.  But can Ignite pro be upgraded later on if needed?  Just to be clear...Do we loose Ignite Pro serial number when upgrading HitFim pro 2017 to the latest version?




  • No, you keep your 2017 Pro Plugins. Checkout the list of changes to see if you'd want the upgrade in the future.

  • It's a shame there's not a bundle for HitFilm Pro + Action Pro (for those who don't need Ignite Pro) - though I realise that buying Studio is cheaper than buying the 2 packages separately.

  • @Chalky64 I know right I was kinda forced into buying the studio package 

  • Thank you for the link Palacono.  I am not using Ignite pro at all for the moment but for an extra $80, I might as well buy the studio version.  I haven't seen much of what can be done with Action Pro but it could be another tool to have.

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