Why HF 2018?

Ok, so I have HF 4 Pro.

I haven't upgraded from HF 2017. My question is what are the major differences between the 2 softwares? Is there any preformance enhancements- that's my main concern. Running off a macbook laptop is not the best editing experience for sure, and it's super slow sometimes. If HF 2018 boosts speed/optimization for macs, I'm sold. What are the big differences?

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  • @Behind_The_Lens Click over to the discussion here: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/45286/answered-any-word-on-hitfilm-2018-yet#latest

    Toward the end @Alladin4D lists most of the major upgrades.  The Puppet tool is worth the price of admission right there.

  • @Behind_The_Lens This page lists everything that got added since the last version of HitFilm 4 Pro:


    I think the best thing you can do is download the demo of HitFilm Pro and try it yourself. You won't be able to export or use OFX plugins but otherwise you can have a play with everything else.

  • I would say read the new features list. Bottom line, this is the most significant update since the initial version of the software. 

    Keyframing animation in the Editor Timeline. Sequences. Text in the Editor Timeline. Those three features alone are worth the upgrade. 

    Otherwise there are literally hundreds of new or improved features.

    Aladdin4d gives a partial list in this thread: https://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/45286/answered-any-word-on-hitfilm-2018-yet#latest

    And, ahem, again there's the official blog on this site that lists many of the new changes. Also YouTube should have video breakdowns anytime now. I have an incomplete breakdown about to publish on Hitfilm University. I'm sure Hitfilm Sensei, Inscape Digital and Clever Tagline will post videos, and I bet we'll get Hitfilm love from Surfaced Studio and Film Riot among others. The information is out there. 

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    Plus the quality of the Text in the Editor timeline is much better than in the Compositor, so do all your text there if you can.

    Although you'll also have Boris, so can use that in composites.

  • I think a feature matrix or comparison sheet would be a good thing to have. I think seeing what is included (After Effects plugins crossovers) would be great as well. Comparing Hit Film Plugins to Ignite Pro would also be valuable.

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