Exporting Error In Hitflim 2017.

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I have this problem recently when exporting a video on Hitflim 2017, where the video starts to export but when it reaches half way an error appears saying "Unable to set GL context (0)" and it won't finish the export. I'm asking for some assistance in fixing this problem.


Hardware Specs:

OS: Windows 10

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i55-6300HQ CPU 2.30GHz - 2.80GHZ.

Ram: 16gb

GPU: Nvidia 960m 4gb vram 

Storage: 2tb



  • Try a test export as an image sequence to see what frame the crash is on. See what effects and layers are happening. That particular error often indicates overloading the GPU. By default anti aliasing is off in the viewer, which means rendering--which anti aliases--uses more resources than the preview.

    On the other hand, image sequences take fewer resources than video rendering. You might get the whole sequence, which you could reimport and re-render to get audio back! 

  • I fixed my problem by not running too many things in the background while exporting. Thanks for the reply tho.

  • Cool. Glad it was an easy fix. 

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