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I'm a 13 year old who aspires to be a filmmaker, but I don't have money to spend on software. Luckily, Blender is free, and so is HitFilm Express 2017. I know Express doesn't support 3d models, so is there a way I could still use both programs? Like it may sound a little dumb but "blend"ing (ha the puns) the images in some way. Hopefully one of you can answer this question.  Also, I am NOT spending money on any add-ons. Thanks in advance!


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    Yep. You sure can. Trees, Grass, ISS, Astronaut....all Blender cycles renders (animated). All composited in Hitfilm. These are not finished pieces but should show you a small sliver of the things you can do

    Edit: I should add the rending in Blender takes a massive amount of time depending on what your trying to do..The blowing grass I exampled...4 secs shot... took 96 hours to render the animation and I have a pretty good machine for the there is that to consider

  • @JazzyLevFilms ; As GrayMotion has already said, yes you can but to get into the technical part of it; render your Blender assets as a PNG sequence and import that into Hitfilm Express as an image sequence.  You have to preserve transparency by ticking the alpha box under shading in the Render setting and setting it to Transparent in the newest version 2.79.  Even though I have Pro and can import models, I find it easier for me to use this method, but you do have to be extra vigilante an watching the lighting in both programs to make angles and amounts match.  And @GrayMotion is so right about the time factor!

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    One other thing, depending on the power and/or specification of your computer, resist the temptation to use the GPU rendering option on Blender. For example, if you are using a computer with an integrated graphics processor (such as the Iris graphics processor built into almost all of the Mac Mini, MacBook and MacBook Pro current series except one), you want to make sure that Blender is set for CPU rendering. Stick with HitFilm Express...if you know what you're doing in Blender (or you learn...), you'll find that you really would only need to import models into HitFilm about 5-10% of the time. Good luck!

  • Thanks guys! You've been really helpful. And thanks for responding so quickly, LOL

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