How to replace particles with an image?

Can I replace Atomic Particles used in the Audio Sync effect with an image instead of a dot?


  • Thank you -- Awesome.  Why didn't I check the help file...

  • Yes and I think Josh did a how-to video on how to use these feature which he used in the Star Wars short they did and he made a scene with many storm troopers.

  • @Andy001z Josh's shot used the Particle Sim. I was working on a tutorial using Atomic for Stormtroopers for the Hitfilm channel, but we killed it in development. There are limitations using images in Atomic where the cloning didn't look wonderful. 

  • Opps @Triem23 didn't fully read the question.

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    @Andy001z yeah, I did.

    Andy made a mis-statement I corrected (the Stormtroopers shot in REBELLION used the particle sim, not Atomic), and saying I aborted a tutorial using Atomic acknowledges that Atomic can use custom images as the particle shape. I didn't go into detail on the limitations, but, for the record, 100 px is the maximum size the particle texture will draw in and the particles automatically billboard to the camera, cannot be offset in time and can not be configured to use multiple images within a single instance of Atomic. On the other hand Atomic can use any other layer type, or an embedded composite shot as the shape source. 

  • If I may stray just a bit from the OP's original question. I've been trying to duplicate Josh's example with a walking model but the particles pop in and out. Is there a resource I could study about using animated frames in the particle system's Appearance?

    Back to regularly scheduled program.

  • @Triem23 all I did was post a link to the manual.  ;)

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    @GrayMotion I can't think of a specific tutorial for using video as a particle source other than Simon Jones' Particle Clone tutorial in Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. 

    A few specific hints. 

    First, obviously you need the particle life to be longer than your shot length. 

    Second, go to frame 0 of your comp and activate keyframing for the Emitter>General>Active property. Then move to frame 2 and adjust Particles per Second for the emitter until you have as many particles as you want. Now uncheck that "Active" property. Now particles remain active for the whole shot. You can shift your particle layer LEFT two frames to lose the spawn frames and extend the particle layer to fill the duration of the shot. 

    Alternatively you can go to frame 0 and use the time shift property to spawn particles, making the emitter inactive on frame 1.

    In the texture properties for Appearance twirl down the controls. There is a loop setting you can check.

    Note you can keyframe the "Start Frame" property of the particles for more variation as well as increase the length of time they spawn.

    I'm still a hemisphere away from my computer with not enough internet bandwidth for YouTube, so sorry I didn't post the tutorial link (I think it's on Simon's channel)

    @Palacono my error. Now corrected. :) 

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