Adding trees to the scene

Hopefully this is an easy one.

Recently did a short where it was to look like a dream sequence but the weather here isn't that great for it. 

I want to add trees to the scene over the barren branches to liven it up, but i'm not sure where to find assets like that. Are they typically just stills and you have to make them appear to move in the wind, or are we able to find billowy trees from some resource.

Thanks ^_^


  • For stills, I start with Google Images.  Once in the image search, click "Tools" and change "Not filtered by license" to one of the reuse options, depending on which one fits your needs/situation.

    For video, I start with YouTube, using an app on my Mac to download what I want.

    In either case, I always check the source of my desired image(s)/clip(s) to see what their specific license/reuse requirements are.

    If you have an actual budget, you might also check stock photo/video sites.

    In all cases, search for as many related terms as you can to find what you want: trees, stock trees, branches, etc.

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    Don't forget Blender (if your PX/Mac can render in cycles Blender reasonably fast).  Search realistic tress. Fairly easy to make your own tress.

    FYI - For 10$ you can get these from CG Geek. They work very well and simple to animate.

  • Thanks for the information everyone!

  • @Graymotion ; Hey, that asset pack is pretty handy.  Bookmarked that baby for myself's future reference.

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