Dear HitFilm-Team,


for my last project I was looking for a smth like a mode wherein you can watch the video and edit at the same time (very usefull for musicvideos or montages). For example you want to zoom in many times at a explicit beat and you only hear the beat but the audio-visualazer cant catch this.

So you can set a marker every time you hear the beat and the video continues.

A feature like that'd be perfect!

I apologize if smth was unintelligible, but I'm not an englishman.


LG, Bela.



  • Markers are an often-requested feature for HitFilm, but I can see where adding markers in realtime would definitely be a bonus.  If you haven't already found it, there's a thread just for feature requests such as this.  Leave your thoughts there and the devs are more likely to see it:

    If you're open to workarounds for now, here's an idea that's been around for years: record a closeup shot of your fingers tapping on a table in sync with the music, on the beats where you want things to change.  Import this into HitFilm, drop it onto a layer above everything else, sync it to your audio track, and scale it down so it doesn't fully obscure the view.  Each finger tap is now a "marker" where something should happen.

    An alternate option would be to open a text editor, make the window fairly small, but the font size fairly large.  Screen capture just that small window space, and type a single character (like X) in sync with the parts of your audio track where visual changes should happen.  Import that into HitFilm and use it as your timing reference as mentioned above.

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