3 EASY AWESOME Video Cuts in Under 4 Minutes


  • Very nice!  Effective use of the timecode in the corner as well to tie in with your theme.  The only quibble I have is with the audio during two of your editing demos.  Something is doubling the audio track and delaying it by just a fraction of a second, creating a slight echo.  The delay is greatest in the first demo, a little less in the second, and not there at all in the third.  If you were recording audio and screen capture in separate programs and syncing them later, that may be the cause.  If so, only use one of your audio sources in the edit, not both.

  • @JacobSct ; Very well done tutorial and explanation of cuts.  I found it engaging and interesting and potentially useful.

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    Very nicely done; with the already mentioned caveats. :)

  • Really solid video, nicely exampled and tutorial.

  • Really nice examples. Simple and clear instructions. Very useful

  • thanks, everyone! @jsbarrett I know about the slight delay, I tried to get rid of it as best as I could, I also think I found the solution to the problem.

  • Very nice tutorial. Love it!

  • Nice Tutorial. Well done.

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