[Solved] Can't Download the Installer

I have tried to download the Hitfilm 4 Express installer many times but every single time it stops and comes up with this:



  • Is there an alternate download link maybe?

  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    Hi, sorry for the delay getting back to you.

    You can try this alternate link: (removed)

    I hope that works!

  • @DanielGwood

    Thank you very much for this, the link has worked!

  • ^^^This is the second account I tried to login with.

  • Glad to hear it! We hope you enjoy using HitFilm 4 Express.

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    Dear @DanielGWood  give me alternative link. 

  •  @Syams

    I've sent you a DM.

  • Hi

    installers.hitfilm.com refused to connect.

    May you send me alternative link


    Thanks a lot

  • @Hbatanony ; please confirm which program you are trying to download, and which operating system (Mac or Windows).

  • Hello ,

    I am facing the same issue  

    installers.hitfilm.com refused to connect.

    Im using Windows 


  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    A general note to anyone coming across this thread, or experiencing "installers.hitfilm.com refused to connect" or "network error" when downloading installers:

    Our installers are hosted on a separate CDN to most other services. This typically means they are a lot faster and more reliable to download. In rare cases this server may not work for you. Possible causes include network disruption and firewalls.

    If you are experiencing this problem, the fastest solution is to contact our Support team. Tell them the error message, the program you are downloading, and the operating system. We can then provide an alternative link.

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