[ANSWERED] You can't "Lock" layer in Hitfilm :(

Hello to all,

Sorry for stupid question, but, how can I make a non-selectable layer?

when I try to move a layer I can never get what I want


  • Hitfilm currently has no way to "Lock" layers. 

  • Thanks for answer!

  • I'm getting really tired of HitFilm and all the crap it's lacking! Constantly being told that "this feature isn't on hitfilm," but they want money??? I'm done

  • @jacksonq08gmailcom

    The Hitfilm team is constantly working on the software to improve it. It takes time and money to create a piece of software.

  • @jacksonq08gmailcom There is a Wishlist thread, the devs monitor it closely and are very good about adding things from it with each release. Other than that, complaining about missing features in free software that still comes with commercial support and the ability to add features as needed at let's be real, pretty low cost generally, isn't very productive especially when you don't even take the time to mention what it is you find lacking. 

  • @Film_Empire or Film Riot knockoff idk but I'm aware of what's needed.



  • Here's what I like to think about:

    HitFilm comes from a small team, and has been around for just six years.  In that time, that small team has built a brand new editing and compositing package from the ground up with hundreds of features that in lots of ways competes quite well with software that's been around (in some cases) for decades. (Yes, to some extent they're "standing on the shoulders of giants," but they've still accomplished a LOT in just six years.)  The full package is available at a ridiculously low price compared to others, plus they release a version for free that still has a TON of features, and doesn't feel nearly as "crippled" as many other free tools I've used over the years.

    When I look at what HitFilm can do, and keep in mind that 6 years vs decades comparison, it helps me maintain better perspective.  I've also done (at a different scale) software development and support, so I know a bit of what it's like to build a tool that operates a certain way and then have to figure out how to add new features that don't break what's already there.  Am I surprised that HitFilm doesn't have every single feature that other packages have?  Nope.  Am I ready to jump ship until [insert feature here] is added?  Nope.

    FXHOME could have decided only release a paid version of HitFilm.  Instead they have been incredibly generous in offering an amazingly-capable version for free.  The least I can do is be patient and supportive, trusting that their desire for HitFilm to be even more amazing is probably greater than mine.

  • Yo  --  @jacksonq08gmailcom

    Why can't Hitfilm lock layers?

    IMHO -- Ask a better question:  Why can't Microsoft figure out a way to lock folder locations so you don't accidentally drag a folder into some other folder?

    How many times have I been multi-tasking too many tasks and mistakenly clicked and dragged while distracted -- or while nodding off while working on a client deadline during the wee hours of the morning...   

    Zzzzz...  Clunk. Forhead hits the desk.   I look up and I'm missing a folder.   My hand was on the mouse, Windows file explorer was open in front of me -- and during the pre-clunk semiconscious state I must have clicked and dragged to some location unknown.

    And why doesn't Windows file explorer have a history list with multiple Undo's so you can see exactly where that rascally folder is hiding?  

    Microsoft knows a thing or two about software -- they can't figure out a way to lock a folder location while still keeping the contents editable?

    Hitfilm isn't lacking anything as painful as a lost folder.   Ooookay -- my vent.

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