CUDA for rendering?

I come from Premiere and i'm wondering if it's there a way to activate Cuda for rendering the final cut?


  • Not applicable in Hitfilm which uses OpenGL. GLSL in OpenGL is the equivalent to CUDA or OpenCL.

    CUDA does not do any "rendering". It is just a programming language targeted towards parallel compute on GPUs. Same for GLSL and OpenCL. They are different paths to the same result. Rendering is dependent on what the application does with the language. A lot depends on what exactly you mean by rendering.

    Rendering is actually multiple independent and unrelated tasks. Some use GPU, some use CPU. For example the video composite and effects/filter engine uses GPU to do their computations on the video frames. File encoders compress the video frames resulting from the video engine into various formats for playback. e.g. AVC+MP4.

  • As an additional note, chances of CUDA being implemented anytime soon are pretty slim. The Hitfilm team want compatibility across the maximum possible range of hardware and CUDA implementation would be a lot of work which does diddly/squat^2 for the AMD users. But you can always make a request in the Wishlist thread. 

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