Audio won't play, perhaps a codec issue?

I am trying to edit a video that has the following settings when imported into hitfilm:
16bit stereo

However when playing the clip in the editor,  it has no sound (with the project settings being set to 48000 hz. Setting the project to 41000 hz produces a garbled distorted sound.

The video has working sound when played in a video player.

I am not sure what the issue is.


  • I am also having the exact same thing happen. mine is the trimmer there is sound but there is no sound on the viewer side. 



    16bit Stereo


    AAC codec


    Any help is appreciated. Just started using Hitfilm 2017 about 10 minutes ago. 





  • I would suggest you re-encode your video with Handbrake

    Go to this post to see the suggested preset configuration for working with HitFilm

  • The issue was the file being large (5gb). After saving it and closing then opening it again, it took several minutes for the program to get responsive then it worked. It appears hitfilm has to process it before audio works.

  • The 5GB file size might not necessarily be the issue. I use files that large all the time, but they've been transcoded to make it easier to edit in HitFilm, and there's very little delay when importing them.  It's more likely the combination of codec and bit rate used to compress the data in the file.  For example, even though HitFilm can technically use variable bit rate (VBR) files, there are still issues that crop up.  VBR is great for playback, but not so great for editing.

    If you haven't already done so, check out this video that talks about the ins and outs of transcoding, which is a very useful step before you drop footage into HitFilm (or any editor):

  • @jsbarrett I think you meant to say variable frame rate and not variable bitrate. Variable bitrate should never a problem.

    @lelcat Hitfilm does process the audio on import IF the sample rate is different than the project rate. Hitfilm resamples the audio to the project sample rate and saves that in the Hitfilm cache.

    If you are using really long files, therefore large, and your audio is in a compressed format you will want to turn timeline waveform display OFF. Hitfilm has waveform performance issues and compressed audio (MP3, AAC) accentuate the issue. AAC is normal/common in MP4 files. PCM audio can still work well even with large files. Anyone who transcodes to DNx/Prores or Cineform will have PCM audio.

  • @NormanPCN You are correct.  Sorry for the confusion.  I think it was a result of my variable brain rate. 

  • @jsbarrett "variable brain rate"

    Me like. Full disclosure. I'm stealing that phrase.

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