Forum software doesn't show new Wishlist Updates

As the title says. Additions to the wishlist never show up as 'new posts' for people to notice and add their own opinions , or +1s to (for me anyway).

All other threads get a 'blue dot' to show there are new responses, or that it's a new thread, but not the wishlist.

I think it should, as we're forever telling people to go there with suggestions, which they'd not need to be told if it was popping up on their radar automatically.

Yes, this would lead to more people seeing it and adding even more wishes. :)


  • Note I starred the Wishlist. I get notifications. I just +1'd your last post. 

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    @Triem23 Yeah, I don't need notifications, because then I'll get confused between people actually replying to me Vs people just adding to a thread.  Just a blue dot - like every other thread where I look at who replied last before deciding to read it - is fine.

    I also periodically do category view and set them all to 'Mark Read' to clean things out.

    Reminds me: There is a bug there too.

    Threads I've read in 'All Discussions' still show a dot in Categories to say there is something I haven't read. But if I go there...there isn't. It's just got out of sync with what I've already seen.

    Thanks for the +1. :)

  • I have noticed this as well.

    If it is possible for the wishlist thread to get a blue dot the same as other threads, it would be useful

  • You have a point. I've added the "unread" blue dot to the announcements, so you should start seeing these on the Wishlist thread soon (you may need to hard refresh your browser a bit to clear the cache).

    The bug regarding threads read in categories/all discussions still showing up as unread I can't replicate right now but will put in our tracker. Chances are that would be a core Vanilla thing rather than our skinning though, so when I can replicate it I may have to pass it on to them.

  • @DanielGWood ; The dot's working, but now the Wishlist appears to have lost its stickiness and is drifting down the list of threads.

    To replicate the other issue, just read everything in All Discussions, then go to Categories view and it'll still show dots next to some categories. Don't know if it's a caching thing in my browser ; Firefox?

  • The Wishlist thread is definitely still sticky, both in "Recent discussions" and in "Techniques and Questions". Did you perchance click "Dismiss"? (accessible from the cog menu next to announcements). I've just tried this on a test account, and it seems to effectively unsticky the thread just for me. It's quite annoying actually as there doesn't seem to be a way to un-unsticky it.

    Trying out your suggestion for the other issue now.

  • Is it possible to have a actual like button for the wishlist  instead of saying +1.   I also would think that having a like button wold be more efficient for the devs to pinpoint ideas instead of having to scroll down the list.

  • @DanielGWood Oops, Yes I did do dismiss to unsticky it, as couldn't find  out how else to do it and that seemed to work. How do I undismiss but not resticky it then?

  • @Andersen01498 we did have +1 buttons on a previous forum system, they aren't available by default right now. It might make the thread more concise, but to be honest it's still better for us to look through it manually - sometimes people are asking for the same thing in slightly different ways for example, or they provide additional notes when +1ing.

    @Palacono as I say there's no way to undismiss threads in the UI, as far as I can see. I had a quick look to see what Vanilla say on the subject, it looks like the only way to undismiss things at all is to manually edit the database (!). I've put a note in our work log for that.

  • @DanielGWood maybe you could have a like button and if they want to add more to that idea there should be a comment section below ( kinda like how facebook does it) if that makes any sense? 

  • It's a nice idea to be sure, I'll make a note of it. We are limited in what we can do within the constraints of the forum software and time however. In any case, we do have this logged on our tracker.

  • So now there is a blue dot and I'm the only one who doesn't get the benefit? :D

    Well, I do really. I guess I ignore the Wishlist and it'll drift down as other threads get their dots and it'll pop back up when it gets a new post. :)

  • On the plus side you've improved things for everyone else!

  • Still don't see the blue dot by the wishlist thread. What exactly needs to be cleared for that to work?

  • @jsbarrett A new post in the thread. The last one was 11/14./2017. I'll make one right after this and you should see a blue dot.

  • @DanielGWood

    Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the blue dot on the wishlist thread disappears after clicking on any thread in the "HitFilm Techniques & Questions" category, even if I haven't yet read the new post in the wishlist thread.

    In case that is unclear, I will explain in more detail below.

    -There is a new post in the wishlist thread, so the wishlist thread has a blue dot as would be expected.

    -There is another unread thread (I will call it Thread1) in the "HitFilm Techniques & Questions" category and that too has a blue dot as expected.

    -Because there are threads with unread posts in that category, the category itself also has a blue dot as expected.

    -If I click on the "HitFilm Techniques & Questions" category and read Thread1, then Thread1 no longer has a blue dot, as would be expected.


    -Now the "HitFilm Techniques & Questions" category has no blue dot, even though there is still an unread post in the wishlist thread.

    -Also, if I click on the "HitFilm Techniques & Questions" category, now the wishlist thread no longer has a blue dot. This is not expected since I haven't yet read the new post in the wishlist thread.

    Has anyone else observed this happening, or is it just me?

  • I actually have the opposite happen sometimes.  I've read everything new in a given category, but somehow the category page still shows a blue dot for that category.  Doesn't happen often -- maybe once a month -- but the only way to clear the dot is to click the gear for the category and choose "Mark Read."  Only a minor annoyance, but an annoyance all the same.

  • @jsbarrett that's exactly what I get and also my solution. Not seeing the reverse.

  • @jsbarrett and @Palacono The stickies still count as threads in their respective categories. Take the Wishlist as an example. Because it's a sticky, it wasn't showing a blue dot for unread posts in the All Discussions view but the Category view does show a blue dot for any unread posts in the entire category including stickies. The Wishlist is in the HitFilm Techniques & Questions category so an unread post there gives you a blue dot for that category even though no discussions would show a blue dot when you went to that category.


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    Okay, now I'm noticing a different problem.  The blue dot is there by the wishlist thread if there are new posts, but it doesn't wait until I've actually read that thread before disppearing. If I read any other unread thread in that category, then go back to that category page, the dot by the wishlist thread is gone.

    EDIT: same goes for the sticky thread in the Action Pro Beta feedback forum.

  • For me: Wishlist, Action Pro beta and new Hitfilm Pro blog posts are all bold and all slipping down with the others. I know I messed up by Dismissing Wishlist when trying to Unfavourite it, but didn't touch the others.

    It's all fine, I just read until the dots are gone. :) 

  •  Things got a little busy last week so I didn't have time to carry on looking into this, but rest assured it isn't forgotten!

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