Surfaced Studios' Pickle Rick for Express

Earlier today Tobias at Surfaced Studio released a video showing how to put faces on vegetables using After Effects.

As usual, I wanted to see how to do it in Hitfilm Express, as most things are possible, and here is the resulting Project file to download. Just avoid any of the offers or other nonsense on the link page and download the file. Put in the same folder as the video clips.  You may need to relink the clips to wherever they are on your computer. Rick Express.hfp

It contains a single composite shot of 6 layers using two point tracking and the clone stamp tool. No mocha or clean plate required.

You'll need to download Tobias' project files separately from the link below his video. You can then apply a similar technique to your own shots.

I won't be making a tutorial for this, just pick apart the project if you're curious. Nothing stopping anyone else making their own using similar techniques (and their own clips) though. :)


  • hey thanks for sharing this this is so cool 

  • edited November 2017

    @adamsfilms12 Updated the file, as the clone patch was slightly off and one of the tracking blobs was peeking through. Not obvious unless you chose a different face (your own) which might have been a different size/ position to Tobias's test face.

    If you've already downloaded it you can just slide it over a few pixels to fix it yourself.

    A two point tracker can do what mocha does more times than you would imagine. I've even used it on a grey, slightly cloudy sky for replacement in RGB mode. Almost no contrast or detail to speak of, but it still managed it. :)

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