Fixing vertical desynchronised footage?

Is there any way to fix footage with this problem where it seems to flick vertically? It's not my footage; I'm asking on behalf of someone on Reddit where it was referred to as vertical desynchronisation. Apparently it's the only copy and there's 30 minutes of this.


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     @THX1139 ; No expert here at all but have done my fair share of VHS captures and recording; to me that looks like situations I have experienced when the VHS player heads didn't quite sync with a tape recorded in another machine.  (If it was a case of the tape being mangled by a dirty machine there would be static in the images I think)  I've found that a lot of that can be cleaned up by using a 4 head playback device but my best luck was by using the camera it was recorded in and adjusting the tracking a bit.  Puzzled by why it's upside down though?? But that's an easy software fix.  There may be a software out there that would let you break it down into individual frames and then adjust but I know of none.  Trying to recapture is my best guess at a fix unless the tape is gone then maybe someone else knows of software fix.

  • Thanks for your response. Alas, the tape is not available so recapturing is not possible.

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    @THX1139 ; I was afraid that was the case. Been searching and there's not a whole lot of options out there that I can find.  I did find this:

    Under the Specialty section the first line reads:

    VHS Repair the chroma, jitter and synchronization issues associated with digitized VHS recordings.

    I have never heard of this program before so I cannot say what the chances would be of a fix, but thought I'd pass it along.

  •  @THX1139 It might be possible to recover something but it's going to be a lot of work no matter what even if it fails. You want to look up VHS restoration using Avisynth and VirtualDub to see if some of the work can be automated but it looks like somebody is going to have to resort to a lot of manual work and trying to recreate frames with motion estimation tools. 

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