Is there a way to apply an effect to only part of a clip?

I'm having a hard time figuring out just how to be able to apply an effect to only one small part of a clip (like a stutter disguising a quick transition to another shot) without the effect being applied to the entire clip. I'd like to disguise a first-person turning with the camera to show a dimensional rift on a wall, but like I said, I can't even apply the stutter to the end of a clip without it applying to the entirety of it. Is there a way to only select one part of a video? Or is this one of those counter-intuitive things I'd really like to see in Hitfilm 2018?


  • Apply a Grade Layer above  the Composite. Add a Mask to that. Add the Effect to that to only affect the area within the mask.

  • I'm not talking about masks. I'm talking about a certain time span. Like the very end of a clip, or just the middle. 

  • @Maligerent You should be able to slide the blue bar of the effect to the right so that it lines up at the end of the clip where you want it to start.  This is in a composite shot, of course.  I apologize if I didn't understand your question right, but hope this helps.

  • @tddavis Holy crap, that's what that blue bar is? Thanks, man! You're a life saver. I thought I was going to have to divide the clip up. Whew.

  • @tddavis now I'm confused.  What blue bar? The clip itself?

  • @Maligerent Use the Slice tool to split the clip where you want the Stutter to begin. That will leave you with two isolated clips so you can apply effects to one without affecting the other. The Slice tool is covered @ 26:25

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     Or... apply the effect to a Grade Layer above the clip and slice that (or drag the ends in) to only cover the time you want it to effect the clip below and add the Stutter Effect to the Grade Layer.

  • @Palacono ; Yes, I meant the blue bar that represents the clip/plane/image but now I realize that effects go on the clip itself and don't have the blue bar so the confusion was mine.  I misinformed.  If I didn't want to split the clip, I guess I would turn on keyframing in some parameter of the effect and have it off until I wanted it to start.  But slicing is the better alternative.

  •  @tddavis Or... your suggestion led me to try a shortened Grade Layer and no slicing. :)

  • @Palacono 's way works too! Either way, you have to make some kind of edit to isolate a portion of a clip, that's just how editors work.

  • What you got to love about Hitfilm; there's multiple ways to approach an effect

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