Thoth walking animation


I'm trying to think of a way to use this effect on camera for an actor who will always be seen walking this way:

Of course I could just use a green screen but I'm wondering if anyone has any tips doing an effect like this.


  • "...this effect..."
    "...walking this way..."

    What effect (and way of walking) is that? You shared a 7.5 minute video, but didn't mention a specific time in the video to look at for this reference.

  • Touchcé, my apologies. I thought when the vid was shared that it was also time stamped.

    The walking animation starts at 3:45. It's a type of walk and glide, almost like a forward moonwalk.

  • @twhitworth Yeah, that will definitely take a greenscreen.  You could also try a difference key which would allow you to shoot the raw footage on location vs in a studio (or on location with lots of green material to haul around), but difference keying is very finicky from what I've heard.

    Perspective is probably going to be an interesting challenge.  Because the character slides as they walk, changes in how the character is viewed by the camera will be very different vs a normal walk.  For example, when a person takes two steps, their angle in relation to the camera and size in frame look a certain way based on camera angle, lens, etc.  Two sliding steps will move the character farther, looking very different with the same camera angle and lens, so taking a non-sliding keyed character and making them slide might still look funky no matter how well the key is cleaned up. It's going to be an interesting challenge, to be sure.

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