2.7k New editor, and exporting?

So I never actually filmed in 2.7k, so I have some questions.

 1. So when I start a new project is there a preset that works for me? I really can't find the right one, I filmed with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard in 2.7k at 24fps, but all I see is GoPro 2.7k at 24fps.

 2. And when I export, do I need to just make a new preset? I want to export in 2.7k, but I do not see it, and I might need help on the setting for the new preset, since I do not know all the details, thanks in advance :)



  • Use the GoPro 2.7k preset. That will give you the correct pixel dimensions. 

    Copy those numbers into a new Export Preset. Refer to Essential Hitfilm 02, or Axel's Export from Hitfilm Express 2017 for the details on creating a custom preset. 

  • No problem. For future reference 2.7k is also called 1440p, QHD (Quad High-def) or WQHD. It's 2560x1440. This makes it twice the dimensions of 720p. 1280x2=2560 and 720x2=1440.

    Now you'll never forget! 

  • Why thanks! I am running into a problem though, when I create the preset and try to render it says error.

  • I'll have to defer to others on the debug, as I am a continent away from my computer for the rest of the month. 

  • oh that is right, so sorry to bother you!! I will figure it out, but since you are on here... the quality of the video does not look the same in the viewer, as it originally does? Is that just HitFilm, or will it stay the same once I export to 2.7k?

  • Um. Tough call. If in doubt, vrank up export bitrate. 

    Let's talk scaling. I don't remember if you're dual monitor or not, but if you're running a full screen preview you're footage is scaled down by a third--the worst ratio for scaling. 

  • I do not have dual monitors. I have the timeline on the bottom, meters on the right, the trimmer and stuff on the top left, my media and effects in the top middle, and my viewer on the top right.

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