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Just wondering,  what do you use for your green screen?  I'm trying to prep one - lighting and all that -- but i'm still a noobie, so amny tips and suggestions are appreciated.


  • I brought one of those $110 all in one kits, 2 lights and large green cloth plus stand to hang it on. My advice regarding this is as follows:

    - You need a lot of space to make it work really well

    - Two lights works but three or four would be better, or else any creases just shows up.

    - Its TOO BIG. and not very portable.

    I have since seen the pop up green screen things, like the silver photo bounce circles you get that twist and fold away. You can get them more of an oblong shape which means they can be used to greenscreen a person at fall height. I think they are a little more money but you should get WAY more use out of it. Especially for external shots.

  • what are those popup things called?

  • Popup green screens. Really. 

  • I have the same setup as @Andy001z and it works well even with just the two lights. Assembling it each time is a pain though. I used to iron the screen, then moved to water and hairdryer but now just clamp it into place quite tightly. What made the most difference for me was the lighting.

    I also found GreenScreener app to be worth the $10.



  • Thanks guys. I don't have a ton o space in my apartment, but I could find somewhere.


    Do you put  something on the ground when you need to angle the camera down? What if you wanted to "go for a walk/run" in greenscreen?

  • Walking or running is going to require a large green screen (hence why studios have large green studio spaces. I mean I guess you could have one of the pop up ones with someone running behind the actor, but it is bound to get messy real fast.

    If you are using the large sheet style then yes they come out to allow the actor or object to stand on the green area.

  • Sticky pads are sold for talent to step on before the greenscreen to get all the gunk off the soles of the feet/shoes. 

    As Andy notes pop up greenscreens are not for full walking shots. They are 5'x7' and good for interviews and standing still. If you need multiple actors or room to walk, then you need the large sheet and stand. A 12x18 isn't THAT much acting room. 

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