Robot additions


I have been working on this robot for a upcoming music video I am creating and I was wondering if

A: anyone had anything that they think I should add to it


B: if you guys think that it would be worth it if I were to buy this and put them in and around the robot.


  • Thanks,


  • @D1a1v1e11 ; I'm getting an error on your link to your robot, but I think I saw some earlier versions and they were sufficiently bizarre.   As for the light bulb kit, I, myself, would not hesitate to send $2 to save me the loooong time I need to model anything for a project I just didn't have time to spare on.  Like my recent Halloween video; I could have probably created a Night King model from a 3D mesh of my head that I created with a trial of FaceGen but I didn't have time to learn everything so I bought a mask and took some hi dpi images of it. It could have looked better though. And I got some assets from ProductionCrate and AudioJungle and VideoHive all to save me time.  Just yesterday, I spent half the day turning a simple cube into light that sits on a porch deck post cause I couldn't find one to buy; it should have been simple but took me forever.   All that said, if it saves you time and the cost is reasonable and within your means sometimes a purchase is needed.


  • this one is the best one so far.

  • I agree with @Tddavis ; $2 is a trivial amount considering the amount of time you would save.     However, there is another resource.  Blend swap has a ton of  stuff including light bulbs for free

  • Thank you @BobDiMarzio  I know about blendswap my main question was what do you think I should add and would they be worth it. but I will look arount blendswap a bit, thanks!

  • @D1a1v1e11 ; That is looking really good from a modeling standpoint.  You are so far above my level at it, it would be laughable for me to suggest anything.  Also, I'm not familiar with the source material enough to say that there's anything that needs adding.  I did partially watch that video link you posted for background and I assume you are trying to make a 3D character out of the poster representation I saw in it.  If so, I think you have done an admirable job as is.

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