Imported image sequence -- how can I dissolve between shots?

I shot 50 still images and I have them in a folder.  I imported the folder as an image sequence.  How can I dissolve between images?  Can I add other transitions as well?


  • Import all the images separately and not as an image sequence.

    By importing as an image sequence are telling Hitfilm that this series of image files are to be treated like a "normal" video file.

  • I've got 50+ images.

    Must I manually set up dissolves between each image?  Is there an automatic way to create a slide show type presentation?  In the absence of Microsoft's PhotoSynth, I'm trying to get a similar effect.

  • Yes, all transitions must be applied manually.  HitFilm doesn't have (and probably will never have) an auto-transition/auto-slideshow feature.  Now, if they ever add support for scripting, some enterprising user could write a script that does the job, but until then, it's all manual.

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