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Okay, I'm sure this has been asked before but this may be a different kind of explanation.  The project I'm working on may end up with varying types of shots as it's a collaborative effort.  And I want to be ready for whatever comes.  I'm expecting the get footage in the 60p range but the final product will be 24p/24fps.  Thing is, I need all of my footage to be the latter.  In nearly every other NLE, I know it's a bit easier to convert.  What does HF have in this arena?  Thanks in advance for your answer.



  • Hitfilm will automatically conform framerate when you drop media into the timeline. Pretty much every NLE does this and Hitfilm is no different. So 60p media on a 24p timeline will just work. In this circumstance Hitfilm will drop frames to create the 24p from the 60p.

    Hitfilm does not have any options for frame resampling such as frame blending and such. It only does the drop/duplicate type of resampling.

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    That said, once a timeline has been created it's "locked" into the specific amount of frames created in that timeline. With Hitfilm you MUST export at the same frame rate as your project or your video will not play back correctly.

    As Norman said, create your timeline at 24fps, then add your footage. Hitfilm will conform it.

    Incidentally, for slo-mo, your best ratio is 0.4 or 40%. At 40% speed each frame of your 60fps footage maps perfectly to the 24fps timeline for smoothest slow-mo.

  • Sweet!  Thanks, guys!  Very appreciated!  


  • I'm trying to do slow-mo, 60fps -24fps.  How do I get hit film to not drop the frames.  I don't want it to conform.  Any help?

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    @ChuckMartins ;

    Right-click the video file in the Media Panel. 

    Select "Properties."

    In the frame rate/frames per second field uncheck "from file."

    Change "60" to "24."

    All instances of the media on any timeline will now play at 40% slo-mo. I.e. 1 for 1 frames. 

  • That did the trick.  Thanks Triem23

    Note; it's not "Preferences" but rather "properties"

    One more thing.  It would be nice to have a search field for the forum as there are now maybe 200 pages to look through.

    Thanks again Mike.  Love your tutorials.

  • @ChuckMartins There is a search field (at the bottom of the forum window), but it's not the most robust of searches.  Another option is to use Google's site search feature:

    site:hitfilm.com/forum [search term here]

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    Gah, typo!

    Otherwise Jsbarret beat me to it. 

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