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Hi. Can I buy add-on pack for Hitfilm Express with the possibility of using Full screen preview? If any add-on offers such a possibility?


  • Short answer: no.

  • Longer answer: defloat the viewer window ( read docs) and stretch it to be 90% of screen size leaving yourself enough room to see the top row of controls. Select the little 3x3 grid and then 'Create' and save as Full Screen. Then select the grid again and select the original layout you had. 

    If you've already modified your layout then Create a custom one for you to flip back to first, so you don't lose that when you go back from Full Screen.

    Thereafter you just have to toggle to Full a Screen, then back to your other preferred layout. Bit awkward, but better than nothing. :)

    Can also move the viewer window to a second monitor if you have one.

  • Thank you. You helped me a lot.

  • @Palacono I didn't think of that... that's a good workaround.

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